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  • Advice needed please!!!!

    Hi!!! I know I've not been around much just lately. It's mainly due to holidays and the ongoing extension but as hubby is working away and the builders have forsaken me this week I have managed to make some cards!!!! Can you all tell me what you think the appropriate percentage of Christmas cards I should take to a Craft Fair in September? I haven't a clue myself!!! I would be interested in any advice! Sue xx

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    Not sure about percentages but I know my Christmas season starts in August so I'd make sure you have lots on offer. You could do some packs of 'simpler' designs....ones that don't require so much work to make. If the people there are anything like me, they'll buy them thinking they're making an effort towards Christmas.
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      I think you should have a good selection of Christmas Cards with you for a September fair. People do start early. I always find my first orders are made in August (early August at that) so people are obviously starting thinking of Christmas then.


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        Hi Susie

        It a difficult one as ive done fairs and people have bought and others have commented on that it too early to think of Christmas.

        It also depends on the size of your table. I would maybe have a couple of baskets out with Christmas cards in for them to look at and maybe have more with you. Then if people are interested tell them you have more with you.

        I normally dont put my Christmas cards out to sell until at least Nov.But Ive seen posts on here saying they sell from Aug, so I might me missing trade.

        Sara x


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          I had a craft stall selling cards for over 7 years and found that the Christmas cards didn't sell all that well. It's hard to compete with the 10/20 pk charity cards. Howeve, I always had appox 50 Christmas Cards on my stall and those I didn't sell I sent to friends and family.

          I live in Dublin and sold my cards at €2 each, approx £1.50 but the shops I supplied sold them for €5....very disheartening!


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            Hi i was asking roughly the same thing the other day if it was to early to sell xmas cards at a july craft fair...............
            the feed back i got back from people was great and i have got 15 made so far im going to take about 20-30 xmas cards with me
            if they sell than great if not im sure i can take them to another one..........the way i see it with the comment i got was if you dont try you dont know! (sorry the kids wanted to add the funny faces!)
            wendy xx
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              Take them with you if you have space on your table. I got a Christmas order last week
              I think when money is tight people spread buying for Christmas over a longer period.

              What's the harm it just means you will have some made before the mad rush.

              Good Luck with the fair
              Janice x


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                Thankyou! Thankyou! Thankyou!

                Thankyou everone for all your comments! Very helpful indeed. I have made about three dozen so I will stop there for now!!! Guess who the faces are for!!!! I like that one too! Sue xx


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                  Yep I'd take them cos you just never know!!

                  And you'd kick yourself if someone asked for Christmas cards and you didn't have any!!


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                    i'll maybe do some, as there is a craft fair at the end of august that I will be attending.

                    Kay xx


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                      Just read through the thread and I too am new to selling cards and your advise seems really good thank you. Trish the face is great too. LOL
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                        Hi Trish

                        Originally posted by craftynanatrish View Post
                        Just read through the thread and I too am new to selling cards and your advise seems really good thank you. Trish the face is great too. LOL
                        Aah!!! It's nice of you to say so!!!!!! I have just put some of my cards on the forum under 'TippyTops topper teacher cards' if you would like to look at them Sue xx