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  • Selling cards

    Hi Everyone

    Well, the card making seems to be going well and I have made loads - most are very simple designs but people I have been asking for honest opinions seem to like that fact so yay

    Anyhoo - I am now wondering about starting to sell some but was wondering where the best place to sell them is??

    I was thinkng ebay but the fees seem quite high ? I have a Mr Site website which I bought for my husbands business but he has decided not to use it so thought I could use that for my cards (I also do photos so could include those too) but then how do you get that out there iykwim?

    Want to do some craft fairs too but I am a bit worried that after the price of the stall that I wont actually make anywhere near that... or should I just take the risk?

    Sorry for all the questions! also excuse any bad typing, I have a 2 and half year old and a 9 month old climbing on me !


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    Dont know how useful this will be but i have always sold my cards at the reception desk in our office block and in my local pub..

    Of course you always risk the odd one going missing but generally it has done me quite well, I even sell my Jewellery this way too..

    Good luck and I hope all your cards sell like hot cakes...


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      I sell mine at toddler groups and any local events such as school fairs etc. The local farm shop sells them on a sale or return basis and I also make them to order with names etc on them.


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        It sounds like you are having fun with your card making!

        The other suggestions you have had all sound quite good.

        I used to make a few cards and sold them through a mobile hairdresser who used to "do" a lot of elderly people who appreciated the chance to buy in cards without having to get out. But she was a friend of a friend, Im not sure whether any mobile hairdressers etc would appreciate being contacted out of the blue? Although you could always offer them a % of the sales you made or something?

        Otherwise, I would pass on ebay, mainly because it is absolutely inundated with handmade cards etc, so even if yours are better than the others, it would be hard getting them "seen". Also, the fees are quite high when you think about how much you are selling each card for, they cut your profit quite considerably.

        Good luck with selling your cards! It is so satisfying to see someone else like something you have made!

        Claire x


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          Thanks everyone

          Claire - yes having a great time making cards - find it a great way to relax too after a stressful day with the boys!



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            Good luck - I am sure you are going to do fine. It is always quite a good idea to build up a reputation locally, rather than spending money on e-bay or similar to start with. Even if you have to pay the stall fee for a craft fair and do not take a lot it is a good way to get people seeing your work, talk to them, give out leaflets etc. Local people are more likely to come back rather than be a one off buy. I always quote a local fete I did in the town two miles from us a couple of years ago - I had a great day and lots of chatting, but not so many sales on the day, then a housemaster I had spoken to at the local school ordered 50 birthday cards for the girls in their house which was repeated last year and a follow up from a query with a local caterer resulted in an order for 100 christmas cards, which again was repeated last year with an introduction of a friend of his as well. Try and discount what you have paid for the stall as part of your advertising - works better than ads placed because people see you and see your work.

            So .... get known in and around your local area. Do you have people living near you who can't get out much, I have a couple of neighbours who always ring whatever sort of card they need and I just slip some round.

            Hope it goes well.


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              Sorry to hijack your thread but im in the process of possibly selling some cards soon (our local pub and possibly my aunts card/gift shop back in the uk)but its the first time ive ever done something like this and dont really know what to charge.
              Theyre pretty basic, 5" x 7", with an Iris folded pattern on the front