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How to make a concave raised effect on a paper card?

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  • How to make a concave raised effect on a paper card?

    Can you tell me how i can make a raised effect on a card (with paper), without special (expensive) equipment, i thought embossing made a proper concave raised effect of the paper itself, but then realised that it's just a raised glue, i want it to feel and look like paper, well, i want it to be paper! Like in very professional cards, when you turn it over, you can see the design is actually raised outwards.
    Any ideas how i can do this? The design has a lot of details, it's not just a single shape.

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    It sounds very much like stencil embossing which you are describing... I can't think of anything else which would give the effect which you are looking for.


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      you're talking about dry embossing. Take a stencil and tape it to a lightbox. turn the outside of the card face down on the stencil and, using an embossing stylus, trace the image you want. When you turn the card round, the image will be 'raised' out of the card.


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        Yep, Pagan is right. You can buy brass or plastic stencils quite cheaply.

        If you can't afford or don't want to buy a light box, tape the stencil to a well-lit window ( clean!!!) and tape the card over it as Pagan describes. Makes you arms ache, but it works.

        I have only ever used an embossing tool to make the design: they're not very expensive. Pagan might know of a household article you could use??


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          oh heck, you can use an old biro (one with no ink left in it) or a knitting needle

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            I use the end of an old crochet hook! Works perfectly and it as good as the embossing tool that I bought!



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              Thank you

              Thankyou all! You've been really helpful!


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                you can buy embossing boards from the glitter girls that dont need light boxes but can work out expensive if you dont want to get a lightbox hold your card and embossing template at a window use some low tack tape to hold template in place you can print out a design of computor and trace it then embossit on on a spongy foam mat works well on velum
                Jan xx