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Donating Handmade Cards and Craft Materials to Charity

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  • Donating Handmade Cards and Craft Materials to Charity

    Please can anyone tell me if you need to put warning stickers on your handmade cards when you donate handmade cards and craft materials to charity and if you need craft insurance to donate to charity. Cards are not made as a business venture but purely to donate to charity. Are there any other rules and regulations to be aware of?

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    Hi, welcome to the forum.Warning stickers? The only reason I can think for warning stickers is if you add plastic, wooden etc embellishments that could cut someone, come off and choke a child etc, plastic bag, suffocation risk etc then you’d have to take all reasonable steps to ensure the buyer is aware. If you produce anything to pass to a third party, sold or not then you should have product/ public liability insurance to protect yourself.
    I can’t think of any other rules or regulations really.
    Donating craft materials is no different to having a clear out of kitchen cupboards or a spare bedroom and donating to a charity shop. Personally I would avoid donation liquids, glues, chemicals and just donate “Hard goods”, paper, card, material, tools etc. Your local trading standards can advise you definitively although you aren’t “Trading”.