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  • Die cutting?

    Hope this is in the right section...
    What are die-cutters (what are they used for?) ? Also why do they cost so much, which are the best makes?
    Can someone who uses die-cutters explain them to us, because we are wondering whether or not it would be worth getting one??? Also if we do get one, we don't want to end up spending to much...
    Thanks for help
    Caz & Harriet
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    It all depends on what you want! I have the old red Sizzix machine and I've had it for almost 3 years and virtually use it daily. It takes all the orginal Sizzix dies, the thinner ones (Sizzlitts and the Ellison green ones) with the help of a convertor (you can get them for around £10). I can also use the Cuttlebug dies (again need the convertor), Double Do dies and Quickutz (convertor and adapter needed - you can buy the adapters for £4 for 10).

    So basically, from one machine I probably have in excess of 60 dies....

    But there are more sophisticated models out there but I've never used them so cannot comment!

    Hope this helps!


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      Are there any other ones that people reccomend?


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        I have both the Sissix and Cuttlebug diecutters but I would recommend r the Cuttlebug. Its so versatile. It will cut dies from any manufacturer and will emboss all your brass stencils. I teach card making and scrapbooking and the Cuttlebug is the diecutter I recommend to my students.
        Chris Coxon


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          hi, ive just bought my cuttlebug about 2 weeks ago and im loving it. I make handmade cards and I wanted to see if it could be made easier by one of these die machines. I dont use it for everything but for really tricky shapes it saves me ALOT of time. I chose the cuttlebug after researching them as this is the one that best suited me - not too high techy, cuts through card etc aswell as paper (this is one thing i found highlighting as some other ones dont do that!), can be used with lots of other dies, not too expensive, easy to use, not too big etc etc. Now i have it i love it - but the down sides are you do have to buy all the dies individually. With some of the other ones you buy them in kind of set things, plus you can change the sizes of the cuts - i think that this is something for me to look into if the business takes off. Have a look at ebay for cheap dies and machines - oh and 'cuttingedgecrafts at co . uk' (cant put in the url as im new to here) is really good - they are cheaper than some people on ebay, free delivery and came next day for me. (no im not linked to them in any way - just a very satisfied customer)........

          im guessing that the machine for you would depend on what you want it for and how advanced you want to go - but for a starting machine i find this really good.


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            i have the bigshot and sidekick you can use other make dies in different machines with adapter plates i like mine but havent used it in a while as my stock of cards is huge and i dont sell them so i am trying other stuff at the moment
            Jan xx



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              I have both a Cuttlebug die cutting machine, and a little Sizzix Sidekick. I like them both.

              The Cuttlebug seems a bit more substantial to me: it will take any make of slim die ( it won't take the thick Sizzix dies intended for use in the Big Shot) and I like the dies themselves. The designs, I mean.

              I do like some of the Sizzix slim dies, but find a lot of them very simplistic or cartoony. And some of then are downright odd.

              I have yet to find out how to emboss using my brass stencils: I have embossing folders made for the Cuttlebug, - wor a treat-but haven't yet worked out how to use the stencils I have (for dry-embossing) in it!

              The dies are cheaper in the USA, but watch the P & P: also watch the value of any order you may have from overseas. If the value is over £18.00 you may get stung for a bit of VAT, or more importantly, a whoppin great £8.00 handling charge from the good old Royal Mail! It happened to me - I didn't mind the little bity of VAT, but I did object to the RM appointing itself my agent and charging me for it!

              I wouldn't be wothout either of my little mangling machines!