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help the poor novice lol - advice on die cutting

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  • help the poor novice lol - advice on die cutting

    Hiya all...

    I make cards, which I love, but I make everything on them as much as possible from raw bought materials i.e. sheets of card/foam/felt etc. I cut all shapes myself so for eg. if I'm making a sailboat card I cut the boat shape then the sail then the pole then the flag all out of different materials and hey presto - I am sure this is what alot of you do so here's where you can help me

    My stupid question is - how do die cutting machines work? Are you limited to cutting certain shapes or do they cut what you want them to? I really am not as silly as I sound lol there is a brain in there somewhere..

    If not then I was thinking a blade and cutting mat for cutting.. only scissor cutting is fine but it creases things

    I must add, I make these as a hobby as sometimes a card that took me an hour and a half to make will sell for £4 lol so it's a labour of love

    Well any advice would be great xx
    xX Little Amy Xx

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    hello and welcome die cutting machines use dies and cut over and over again if they go blunt you can cut some foil or very thin metal and this sharpens them up again ive got a big shot and the little sizzix machine and its well worth it to get clean crisp cuts
    Jan xx


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      This website is good for getting an idea of all the different dies and machines you can buy :
      Blog Website Flickr