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  • Oh Dear

    I embroidered some card inserts today, decided to mount them and promptly went and stuck the damn thing in upside down, had stuck it all down before I realised.......gggggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, guess some one in the family will be getting a posh card for their birthday...........

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    I know the feeling!!! I never learn!!! I either put the inserts in upside down or put the top layer of the card facing back to front so you'd have to stand on your head to open it!!! I'm confusing myself!!!! At least you are not on your own!!!! Sue xx


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      Oooh its catching! It must be that Creative Blimp virus knocking about

      Shaz x
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        My favourite blimp moment in that respect is when I am doing photo cards. Put the photo and greeting or whatever on front of card, turn it over to put my sticker on the back - go to answer phone or whatever - come back and stick a photo on the back!!!!!!!!! Cut down the fold and restick both sides onto new cards - extra thick versions!!!


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          Did the same thing myself the other day. made a lovely card, or so i thought till hubby came home and i asked him what he thought. The reply was to ask me if the butterflies in the inside were supposed to be upside down. Thought he was taking the mickey till i had a look myself.


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            Always good to have someone run a critical eye over the cards!! Although my husband has been known to pull my leg. Having done a Ruby Wedding Anniversary card as a request for a friend, I was showing it to him when he asked "Is Ruby 40?" in a way that made be think "oh heck". Then I realised there was a twinkle in the eye!!!!


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              all i ever get from my hubby is mmmmmmmmm, yea ,,,,,,,,,it good
              gives me lots of confidence !!! lol
              wendy xx
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                oh dear - oops

                my bro spend about 3 hours making an easter card for a school project once - it had glitter and collage and all kinds - then he wrote happy birthday on the inside

                teehee x

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                  i have done the same thing myself i usually try to rescue it or cut the front of and stick it to another card my hubby doesnt really comment much he always says thats nice occasionally he surprises me because hes actually looking at what i am showing him
                  Jan xx



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                    Well I have to say my husband is very supportive and complimentary about my work, which is very encouraging. He is also good at coming up with ideas to help.


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                      Hubby is my quality control, if he says it's fine then I know I have done a good job. Trish
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                        My OH is not always around when I am making up my cards, I have now started putting a small cross in the corner of the side that gets stuck down, so no more mistakes......

                        I am busy making things for a craft fair, had to have a couple of weeks break had a nasty attack of cystitis and the medication the Dr gave me knocked me out.............feeling a bit better now thankfully.

                        I also had a disaster with a pillow case, embroidered the design went to take the pillow case off the hoop, I had sewn part of the back into the design.oooooooooooppppppppppppssssssssssss........ ...........made sure with the rest that the backs were well out of the way!!!!
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                          Poor you . Hope you pick up quickly.