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Can you supply me with wholesale candles?

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  • Can you supply me with wholesale candles?

    Is anyone willing to supply me with wholesale candles for my new website? I would like a small range to fit in with the general theme and to go into a gift set (when I can find a suitable gift box) with a soap and crystal. I need one to match amethyst, citrine, clear quartz and rose quartz. It would be great if the range could be exclusive to my site and fit in with the alternative new age theme of my gift sets.
    Chris W.
    Gemstone Jewellery and Gifts

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    Hi Chris

    I do a range of Votives and Tea lights,

    I can do them simply as candles, but what I usually sell them as is candles with either, Charms, Keyrings or Zip Pullers embedded in them.

    Basically, I add either a charm, Keyring or Zip Puller into the container and then add wax and wick.

    This makes them different from the normal plain candle. As when they are burnt the buyer ends up with either a Charm to add to a bracelet or make into a Necklace, or a Keyring or Zip Puller (dependent on what range you would sell).

    I currently make in 7 different colours and smells, if you go to my website you should see what I mean, and the wholesale price is something you should find appealing. (Only retail prices on my site) If you are interested then you can email me at [email protected] once you have taken a look. The wholesale prices are VERY good.

    Hope that helps.

    Take a peek at me stuff at


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      Hi Chris ,

      I run my own candle business in n.ireland so take a look & you can email me to find out more re wholesale prices quanties etc.



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        Nice website Louise
        Take a peek at me stuff at


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          take a looky at my site
          i would be happy to help you out

          bathtime - temptations . co uk


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            Wholesale Candles


            Have recently done a similar thing for a jewellery company - Created a range of natural wax candles with gem chips in them - We also have a fab all essential oil candle containing patchouli, cedar, lavender & Vetivert aptly named Moondance.

            If you take a look at my site and like what you see, then I would be happy to mail you more info on own label range.

            Hope I can help