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paraffin Wax, do you buy pr blended, or blend yourself?

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  • paraffin Wax, do you buy pr blended, or blend yourself?

    Hi all
    I am VERY new to candle making.
    What do you people find gets the best scent throw, pre blended wax, or wax you blend yourself?
    If you blend it yourself, do you add stearin and vybar? if so, what % do you use?
    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
    Also what temperature do you heat your wax, add the fragrance and and pour to get the best throw?
    Look forward to hearing peoples methods!

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    Personal taste here (and much aligned with the person that taught me candle making several years ago) but I blend my own rather than buy the pre-blend stuff. I find it gives greater control as some FO/EOs need more stearin and some less than the usual pre-blended stuff available.

    I tend not to use Vybar unless I'm using a particularly 'heavy' scent. They are often, I find, the darker coloured FOs and sometimes don't bind as well/easily as the lighter ones.

    As for percentages... anywhere between 7.5% and 12% stearin usually does the trick, however, that is VERY much dependent on the FO/EO being used and any other additives thrown in the mix. Vybar (when I do use it) never more than 1%. Remember, too much Vybar can overbind the fragrance.

    Temperatures are all a matter of opinion, application and task in hand. Impossible to answer as it's all down to lots and LOTS of testing, fine tuning and personal taste. Got to heat high enough to allow the FO/EO to bind with the wax, not so high (or for so long) that the FO/EO evaporates before you poor and cool. Pouring temp depends on if you're making container or pillar candles. If the latter, are you going for a rustic look or a glass shiny look... Horses for courses and all that.

    Sorry it's a bit vague on specific answers! Hope of some use though.