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New to candlemaking & need some advice

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  • New to candlemaking & need some advice

    Hi everyone, I am just starting candle making and I was wondering if anyone could recomend some good suppliers.

    Also the equipment that you just couldn't be without?

    And lastly any top tips and things to remember.

    Thank you, i'm sure i will have a lot more questions to ask!!!!

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    I am just going out so I will quickly answer before I go.

    Candelights, Sensory Perfection and Full Moons I would recommend I have used them all.

    What I couldn't do with out

    1) Double boiler never ever try and heat wax over a naked flame.
    2) Theremometer (in the US they are called candy thermometers) but any theremometer that stands high temperatures.
    3) Lots and lots and lots of money because candle making isn't cheap and when you really must have the next most delicious scent ever!!!

    Top tip is to just enjoy what you are doing - if you are thinking of selling to the public you need to test, test and test again to really make sure that what you are selling is safe - don't want to send Granny McPhee a flame thrower disguised as a candle.

    Good luck if you need anything else give just shout but not tonight I am off out (yeah getting taken out for a change!!!!).


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      Hi Amyc

      Totally agree 100% with what Lisa has just said.

      Double boiler method is definitely the way to go with first. A couple of old saucepans will suffice, don't use your best ones LOL. Pop down your local pound shop or boot fair if you haven't got any old ones lying around. You don't want to spend loads of money on them.

      You can pick up a good thermometer from 4 candles

      It is identical to the one I use. Has a handy clip to attach it to your pour pots.

      You will also need some pour pots so that you can mix wax, colour and fragrance. You can use pyrex jugs or some metal jugs. Again shop around for something inexpensive.

      For stirring, some cheap chopsticks are ideal.

      A credit card with no credit limit would be very handy to feed your new addiction . As Lisa said you're going to need every penny to get in all those gorgeous fragrances.

      Most importantly though is to have fun!!!!!

      Ruby x
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        Patience Lots of!!!
        Tracy x
        If you don't know where your going,
        you could end up someplace else!!!