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    Hello, I am a newbie so please make allowances for me.

    I have put in an order to 4candles for container wax and the other necessities and they will arrive tomorrow.

    However I am a craft nut and do almost everything that I can cram into my craft room (...I know I am lucky to have one) and some 10 to 15 years ago I bought a kit for candle making and another bag of wax but never used any of it. I remembered these when I decided to have a go at making some cup and saucer candles but after reading a bit more I decided that maybe it would be better not to use them but to get some new supplies.

    Now I would like to know if I should simply throw them all out or hold on to them. Could they still be used ? The wax kit is Dryad and has wax and stearin along with 3 colour sticks. There is also a 2 kg bag of wax granules without any writing on it and a plastic pouch (about 6" x 5") with something in it. Looks a bit like fondant icing sugar.I have no idea what this is. Can anyone throw any light on what I have got as there is no writing on it either.

    I'm really not bothered if I need to throw them out but I am curious about them.


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    Hi Sandra, the 2kg bag could be vybar but 2kg is a lot to come in a kit, I've no idea what the fondant icing sugar could be, sounds like stearin but you said you already have that.

    I would say yes you can still use the paraffin wax, soy wax has a shelf life of 3 years but paraffin I'm unsure


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      Welcome to the forum, come and introduce yourself on the main introductory page we all craft on here and have a wealth of information that we share.