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Im reaady to give up!!!!

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  • Im reaady to give up!!!!

    Ive been trying for a few months now to make some tea cup candles, i really wanted to have them made for a Christmas fair at my kiddies school, but i cant sell them until i am 100% happy with them, and i am not!
    I just cant seem to get a good scent throw, i have tried paraffin wax,which did seem to be the best, but still not strong enough, and tried cb soy wax, which was just useless, and i have mixed the two waxes together 50/50 but still nothing!
    The wicks i have tried are the lx range, and the tb range, and i got a good melt pool with one of them, but cant remember which(its in my pile of notes somewhere, i have been recording ;-) ) and the scents i have used are several diffrent ones from sensory perfection,scentymental,and a few other places, so i know im buying quality fragrance oils.
    I feel so dissapointed and am ready to give up, except i dont want to!!
    Does anyone have any tips or ideas as to what i can try next?
    Which wax should i be using, as im going from one to another,and wonder if maybe i should stick to one for now.
    The only saving grace in all this is that i have loads of wonderful wax melts,and ive also made some lovely bear fresheners,but now my daughter has run out of teddies for me to pinch,so i need to go back to the tea cups, and i feel i cant move on to other projects such as votives and pillar candles,if i cant even get container ones right :-(

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    Hi mrscaddy and welcome, can you give us a bit more info, i.e. size of container, which wicks you are using, amount of scent you're adding, what sort of scent, I use CB Excel a lot and it can give a really nice scent throw but it can be a real nightmare to wick with some scents, I've tried 16 different wicks in a new scent I bought and still can't get a good burn so I feel your pain lol, just don't give up, it will come good, they always do lol, cheers, Steve.


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      It's also important to know what temp you add your FO. Don't give up, we've all been there and come out the other end!



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        Please dont give up, I know it is very frustrating but you will eventually get there. I feel your pain, I have been candle testing on and off for around 3 years now and I am still not 100% happy with my candles although I do feel like I have made big jumps in the last few months. I have used so many different waxes and think I have now settled on a wax blend that I mix myself (but that could all change)and I like the mp wicks.

        Some fragrances just dont throw well in certain waxes and some have very subtle scent throw. I was burning a votive yesterday and it was so strong it made my whole house smell and gave me a headache however I am burning another votive today (same wax diff scent) and I can hardly smell it.

        Did you say you have tried the cb135? I know that a few people on this forum use that and have very succesful businesses. I prefer c3 over the cb135 but everyone is different. Although I think the cb135 is easier to wick than the c3.

        Isabel is right, what temp are you adding at and how much fragrance?


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          Hello everyone, and thankyou for your replies, i have been using cb135, and parafin wax, and mixed them both together,but no succcess!
          Ive been adding the f.o at 165f, as i cant seem to get it any hotter on my gas hob! i dont know why? I use a pan with water, put in a cookie cutter and rest the metal milk jug on the top. Wax tarts smell great, its just these tea cups i cant get right. The wicks ive used are lx and the tb ranges, but ill try the mp ones. Te tea cup im using at the moment is 65mm wide at the top, the others ive got are wider but i havn't tried them yet. I could try the c3 wax and see what happens. I add 10g oil to 100g wax as a rule, but some of the tarts ive made ive reduced, i tried jasmine and white freesia and i had to blow out the tealite for that tart as it was too strong!
          Ive been trying magnolia and orange blossom fragrance oils from scentymental in my teacups, i have 2 the same size so i try parafin in one and cb135 soy in the other, and i try the same size wick in both, i get a better melt pool in the parafin wax, but just not a good scent throw, i can smell them when i go close up, but i wanted to get a lovley scent around the room. Its just so frustrating, and getting costly! My last attempt was this: 165mm tea cup, lx 18 wick,100g ecosoy cb wax,10g magnolia and orange blossom f.o, 1g wax colour chips. After 1 hour full melt pool, scent throw about half a meter away from candle, so ill try a bigger wick maybe and see what happens, thanks again for your replies, its good to know others are trying hard too x


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            165mm wide container and you got a full melt pool in an hour????

            How many wicks? One?

            If you got a melt pool that wide in 1hr with a single wick the last thing you need is a BIGGER one!

            I'm guessing either the container width is not 165mm or you're using multiple wicks.


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              Hmm 165mm, that is a large tea cup! I meant 65 mm sorry, I think I need more coffee before posting so early :-/


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                Originally posted by mrscaddy View Post
                Hmm 165mm, that is a large tea cup! I meant 65 mm sorry, I think I need more coffee before posting so early :-/
                PHEW! Makes MUCH more sense now!

                65mm melt pool in 1hr is still VERY fast... I'd expect that at about 2.5hrs. You need to wick down if anything!

                I know you mention that you have a max temp that your gas hob seems to get to (i.e. not getting above 165f) but with a little patience the temp will go above this. Ideally you should be aiming for somewhere between 176f to 185f for optimum FO binding (see this link for an easy to use temp conversion table : )

                Make sure you give the wax a good thorough stir before taking temp to ensure there are no hot/cold spots.

                I've said it before and I'll say it again, test test test... Different FO's need different temperatures for ideal conditions. Some will be lower and some will be higher, but most will fall somewhere within that range. This is where your comprehensive notes will come in!

                Don't let it get to you. Most people spend at least a year getting to the point where they are happy with their creations.
                I'm quite a few years into it and I still have off days where I want to throw it all away and start something new. But then I have a REALLY good day and it makes me happy that I chose this as a craft. Stick with it and you'll be churning out money spinners in no time


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                  Thankyou spencer, that has been really helpfull, im not going to give in! I have booked tables to do two christmas fairs at my kids schools, so i have to do them now! Today i shall try again, and tommorow and the next day, and im determined to get them right, thanks again everyone for the advice :-)