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How to stop candle shriking

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  • How to stop candle shriking

    I hope you can help me.

    I am starting out making candles, using old candles and melting them down, adding colour and fragrance and pouring them into glass jars.

    I am getting a lot of shrinkage around the wick.

    I have topped up and it still shriinks on me and also pouring and keeping the jars in hot water and letting them cure in there - they still shrink.

    The batch I have just made were using pilar candles (think they were sold as church candles).

    Hope you can help me out here.


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    Pillar wax is different to container wax, so I think that might be your problem.


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      You problem is indeed the wax you are using. Pillar wax is designed to shrink so it can be released from the mould when the pillar candle is set. You really need to invest in some container wax (which doesn't shrink) to make container candles.


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        Hi cameronskisses, and welcome to the forum

        When you say "shrinking around the wick" do you mean the wax is forming a well when cooled?
        As mentioned in previous answers this is normal for the wax you're using as it's designed to shrink to allow demoulding.
        If it's still sinking after a second pour then the well must have been VERY deep.

        Reducing your pouring temperature will help with this, but whilst you're using pillar blend wax in a container it will not be ideal.

        You will probably notice the wax pulling away from the container and possibly "rattling" in the jar. This is again because the wax shrinks in every direction. To combat this, again as mentioned above, switch to a container blend and you will find your candles a little more to your expectation.

        Hope that's of help.



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          thank you


          Many thanks for your responses. I never gave it a thought about the pillar candle being a different wax from container.

          I have melted and topped up now a total of 4 times and still really dips. It sticks to the outside not a problem, so maybe I've invented the donut candle :-)

          Think the money I have saved on getting candles donated has gone on my gas bill today, the number of hours that my cooker has been on warming up the wax.

          Onwards and upwards, will see what lies in my donation bag in the morning.