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    love candle, though I've never made any, but rarely actually have any burning (though I'm soon going to remedy taht when I get my craft room sorted, I'll have a little rest corner with scented candles going , relaxing music etc)

    The problem is, that i do have some lovely decrative candles around but they've got covered in dust and other muck.
    Short of chopping large portions off the tops, is theyre anyway I can clean them before I use them, as I dont thinkit would be wise or even safe to light them as they are.

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    I must admit mine never gather dust as I'm constantly burning or testing. Even before I used to make them I always used to burn them as soon as I got them

    How bad are they? If it's just dust then maybe a good rub with a damp cloth could work. If they are quite bad then maybe using a sharp razor along the tops might help. Mmmm bit of a poser this one.

    Where's Lisa? She's the brainy one amongst us chandlers . Oi Lisa!! What do you suggest?

    Ruby x
    Ruby xx

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      Ow Ruby you made me blush.

      A candle will catch fire if there is a lot of dust and muck on it (the ingrained dust will catch light) so a I agree with Ruby a damp cloth and give the candles a really good wipe down you could use a tiny spot of detergent on the cloth if it is greasy muck on the candle but make sure you wipe it all off before you light the candle.

      If the worst comes to the worst I agree with Ruby the only other thing would be to scrape the muck off.

      Hope that helps.



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        thanks for that
        As soon as Iget my craft room sorted I'll try cleaning first and then scrape if necessary