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Insufficient Wax Pool and Mushrooming

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  • Insufficient Wax Pool and Mushrooming

    Hi, just started container candle making and using Candleshack Pro Container Was and a variety of Wedo LX wicks. I am using about 8% FO
    I have 64mm tins and 80mm tins
    I started with the 80mm tin with a size 20 and got a full wax pool but mushrooming
    I reduced to a 16 and doesn't quite get a full was pool (about 3mm all around but still a lot of mushrooming). I am contemplating ordering size 18 but don't want to waste more money if it wills till muchroom
    I have tried size 12 with the 64cm but again not full wax pool (about 5mm all around and slight mushrooming) so againthinging of trying a 14 but have to order this one too
    Any suggestions woulod be greatly appreciated - Thanks

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    Hi CarolO and welcome

    How long did you let each of the candles burn for when they were at the stage with wax still left round the edges?

    As I'm sure many on the forum are bored of me mentioning, I'm not a fan of the LX wicks in containers as they're not cored and are therefore susceptible to leaning over and drowning. However I do use it in my pillar candles and it's brilliant for those.

    I'm actually surprised you're getting mushrooming from LX wicks as it's designed to lean into the edge of the flame and burn the carbon build up away.



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      Hi thanks Spencer
      current one has been burning for 4 hours....
      Yes I bough them for precisely that reason so was surprised that it is so bad so just think it must be pilot error or something wrong with the amount of Fragrance maybe....


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        Welcome Carol,
        I think from 4 candles you can get packs of tester wicks so 1 meter of each size in a wick type. Instead of a long length of one wick size. Allows you to figure out which one you need. It's been useful to me.
        Cali x


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          A certain amount of mushrooming is always a possibility and it's not necessarily the bad thing, but obviously you want to minimise it if possible.

          It may be that the wicks are just not burning hot enough for the wax/FO combination you're using.
          Perhaps a cotton or paper cored wick would be worth a try as they burn hotter than the LX range.

          Although if you do want to try the LX14 and LX18 without buying a load, PM me with your address and I'll happily send you a sample of each.


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            Thanks for both tips - I think I may try a cotton wick that 4candles do, in a trial size as well as the other two LX ones
            Spencer thanks for that kind offer - I will let you know how I get on with the different wicks


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              A lot of fragrance can effect the performance of the LX wicks; I've been having the same issue with just 5% fragrance in the container wax. I've ordered some cotton cored wick to try that out. I do however get a good scent-throw and a nice burn time, so in the grand scheme of things I don't mind a bit of mushrooming.


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                Thanks for that - seems that it is not just me then - I am going to try cotton ones too - The problem with my mushrooming is that is is quite a lot and is breaking off in little bits. As I plan to sell my candles and don't think I will get any repeat custom if the wick is dropping off into the wax..... Good luck with you test and hope we are both successful
                Thanks again for your help


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                  Yankee don't seem to have customer issues and theirs do it I know what you mean though....


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                    Try the Eco wicks- they are fantastic! And available on 4candles!



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                      Originally posted by Clarabell View Post
                      Try the Eco wicks- they are fantastic! And available on 4candles!

                      And just to confuse matters, I do like MP wicks from fullmoons cauldron!

                      Marion x


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                        well I tried my cotton core one from 4C's last night in a small glass container with container pro paraffin wax and it behaves just like the LX to be honest. It has slight mushrooming after about 3 hours burn time, but not as bad as the LX (bits didn't fall off). I found the scent-throw wasn't as good though. To be fair I hadn't let the freshly made candle cure very long as I was just testing the burn, not the scent, but even so...

                        I didn't really find the cotton core to be more stable than the LX either; certainly the difference between the two was negligible - at least in my little container. It might behave different in a large jar/container.

                        Let me know how your test goes


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                          Tried the cotton ones and still not good..... I have never used a Yankee one but reassuring to know that thye do this too..... Thanks for the ECO wick tip will try them next