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My first test burn

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  • My first test burn

    Burn day, hurray!!!!

    Ok so I know I got my candle supplies as part of a kit, so these won't be the exact supplies I will be using. But I wanted to get a good process put down to see how it would go when I actually have my own set of supplies to test. Can anyone tell me what sort of processes they follow to test burn their candles? Would be interested in knowing if I have left anything out.

    Anyway, the whole process thus far is on my brand new shiny blog, but overall I am a bit unsure as to how the burn is going so far, so would be interested to get some opinions on it? It all started so well, but think it went a bit pear shaped as it went further on. hope it's OK to link a blog? if not, here it is without linking: southwalescandles DOT blogspot DOT co DOT uk

    here's a photo of the nice start, I really was a bit too optimistic I think.

    1st burn.jpg


    Edited to add: Hey my signature is showing up, yay! my blog address is there too

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    Nice blog, I've liked etc. Is your blog on facebook or twitter?
    Please come see me on:


    Or on my blog Candles From Home


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      Hi! First of all can I say iChat your jest attempt candle looks ace! My first votives were a mess!!! So well done! It seems to be burning well- your glass seems quite wide at the top which could affect the burn as it gets down a bit- it's best to have a nice snug fitting glass to the candle if possible.

      As for test burning- I normally test burn in 4hr sections- that's what the safety labels suggest so if they are good within that time I am happy- I can't account for idiots who burn their candles for hours and hours on end! This also gives a great indiction of burn time. However I normally do power burn my candles too- this is purely to make sure that my jar isn't gonna explode etc if someone does leave it burning for hours.

      Let us know how the test burn goes!! It looks great!



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        I would echo what Clarabell said above regarding the glass size. Votives are like the missing link of the candle family. They're a pillar candle that is burnt like a container candle and container candles are (usually!) a snug fit in the container itself.

        There are reasons for burning a votive in a snug fitting glass rather than the style you have there and they mostly relate to melt pools. As I'm sure you know, other than a certain degree of 'cold throw' the fragrance from a candle is given off when a melt pool forms and the FO/EO evaporates into the air. If the votive isn't snug in the glass then the melt pool will spill over the edge of the votive itself and down into the glass. That will cause it to cool down instantly and that will of course limit the amount of fragrance that can evaporate.

        The other thing that can happen when the melt pool runs down into the glass is it leaves a longer than ideal wick exposed. This can cause the flame to become very large all of a sudden which can up the temperature quite a bit and possibly be too much for the glass to manage. Although not highly likely that it would cause the glass to break, it's better to be safe than sorry.

        Having said that, it's a very nice little glass and would make a great mini container candle

        Votive itself looks like it's burning well too!

        Off to have a look at the blog now...

        EDIT: Seems I could have saved myself a bit of typing if I'd read the blog first as what your candle did is exactly what I was explaining above.. Typical of me to do things in the wrong order!
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          Sorry for the delay in responding, had a lot going on yesterday

          Thank you all for the compliments on the blog, and my candles, I'm very pleased with how the candles LOOK, and their cold scent is nice, but not entirely pleased at their hot scent throw as it seems a bit small. Now I wonder if perhaps that was a product of burning them in the wrong holder.

          So I've held off testing my second candle as I simply don't have the right sort of holder for it to see how it would burn as it should. Anyone have a good recommendation on where I might find them?

          Anna Rose: No my blog is on neither FB or Twitter but part of Google+ as far as I can tell, called Blogger. Pretty easy to use and very customisable.

          Clarabell, rats, I burned for 2 hours, 4 sounds much better. After having done every 2 hours, it feels a bit silly doing it that often.

          Spencer: LOL sounds like something I'd do, doing things in the wrong order. I'm going to have to try really hard to break that pattern if I want to do this right. And yes, my candle did exactly as you suggested, so looks like I'm going to have to source out some snug votive holders.

          Welsh Candle Creations