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dull candle surface

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  • dull candle surface

    Hi all Noticed when using aluminium moulds the surface of the finished candle appears dull. Any ideas on how to make them appear more shiny??

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    Pour the wax at a higher temperature then carefully place the filled mould in a water bath. The high temp and rapid cooling will help you achieve a shiny finish.

    You don't have to leave the mould in the water bath for the whole cooling time. Just long enough for a decent thickness of wall to build up.


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      can I ask when using a water bath what temp do you use roughly


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        Do you mean temperature of the water?


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          yeah I have used a water bath in the past but I usually find a better finish if I dont saying that I use silicone now. I never had any luck using moulds back in the day.


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            Personally I just use cold water from the tap for best results. Although I'm using aluminium moulds. Any colder than that and you really have to keep an eye on things because the wax can cool so much so quickly that the wax pulls away from the mould and deforms the candle.

            I've tried this using iced water too. It can produce some interesting surface results, but it's a bit hit and miss...

            Cold water baths can work well with latex moulds if you make sure you get all the surface bubbles out first by giving the mould a little squeeze before you put it in the water. Never tried it with a silicone mould though... Silicone is quite good at insulating heat so think it may be a little pointless.