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Wish I had more time to chat.....

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  • Wish I had more time to chat.....

    Hi all,
    I love coming on here and seeing the chatter that's going on and really wish I had time to come on more often to say hello and get involved. Candles have become my every waking moment and the amount of sleep time has diminished!! Only just fitting in the job that pays the bills. A few friends saw my candles and placed orders then a few more people placed orders (while I was still perfecting the formula and method) but now very happy with the result of testing, testing and testing managing to deliver orders and it seems to be snowballing. Each time I try to stock up and have tins ready made they're sold already and I'm back to catching up again. I'm trying to find time to make progress with different sized candles but so far I've got one size and tea lights.

    Haven't posted this to 'blow my own trumpet' just to say THANK YOU for all the advice I've received so far in new posts and from reading back in time to things already discussed. Hope at some point I'm as wise and knowledgable as all of you to help someone else get the same bug I seem to have.
    Hope to be caught up on the candle making front soon and able to come and get involved with the chatter.
    Cali x

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    Hi Cali,

    That is great news! And don't worry, nobody here will see it as 'blowing your own trumpet'.

    I know what it's like with a full time job and this insanely time consuming craft. Chuck kids into that equation and I'm surprised I manage to make any candles at all!!

    Try and stop by for a quick update every now and then. It's always good to hear how people are getting along. Even if it's a grumble or a blow your own trumpet moment



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      Well done you. I am so pleased you are able to sell as much, if nor more than you are able to make. Its also heart warming to hear that the forum has been such a help. Thank you.
      God helps them that help themselves.


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        It's lovely to hear from someone doing well, it's inspirational!

        Do you have any photos of your candles?
        Please come see me on:


        Or on my blog Candles From Home


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          Thats wonderful news, so glad you're doing well.
          Stop by when you can and keep us up to date
          Go girl!!!!



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            Thats great news your definantley doing it right.


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              Congrats that is indeed great news, long may it continue


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                Well done