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  • newbie help please

    hello everyone

    Im new to the candle making, when i meen new im talking around 1 week at trying it lol.

    Anyway looking for some advice please, i been playing around with melting wax and pouring into a few moulds, candle finish was terible and also surface were wax was poured into was pretty poor to say the least, when i top up, and when candle is removed after setting, it is clearly seen were the top up was. i tried heating the mould and candle finish was much much better but still cant seem to get the top up correct.

    Wot i would like to know are a few point in the right direction

    temp to pour wax at?
    Should mould be hot or cold?
    How to and when to top up moulds with wax?

    Iv read about water cooling mould to improve candle finish does this work?

    Im really enjoying it and would like to get better at it.

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    Sorry I can't help with your questions as I haven't made any moulded candles but I'm sure someone will be along to advise you.
    Just wanted to say to the forum.
    If you haven't realised it already you will find that candle making is absolutely addictive!


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      Hi Stevie,

      I'm a newbie as well and haven't jumped into the world of moulds yet, still at the tealight stage!

      Loads to learn on the forum and everyone is really friendly and helpful
      Please come see me on:


      Or on my blog Candles From Home


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        Hi Stevie,

        What wax are you using? If it's Paraffin, does it have Stearin added (is it pre-blended wax or have you added the stearin yourself?) Depending on the wax you'll need to find the right pour temperature and then in theory pour 10 degrees hotter on your top up pour so the two layers melt together. I've found if I leave the candle too long so it's gone cold, then the two layers don't mix very well. So it's finding out how long to leave your first pour (ie still warm to touch) and then pouring that second pour at a hotter temperature.

        Also if your wax has cooled too much and pulled away from the inside of your mould, you'll get the second pour seeping down the outside of your candle between the wax and the mould, and ruining your candle finish.

        What mould are you using? Pillar/votive? Is it metal or plastic or silicone or rubber?

        Are you using paraffin or soya wax or beeswax?

        Welcome to the madness


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          Hi Stevie, and welcome

          DaCosta has covered all the questions I'd have asked in order to be able to help you out.
          The only other ones I'd ask are:

          What temp have you been pouring at?
          Are you adding fragrance and/or dye to your wax? If so, how much?



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            Hi Stevie

            I'm also a container candle girl so can't help but loads of others here who are experts. Welcome and can we tempt you to join in the tealight Olympics? Closing date tomorrow! All you have to do is produce one tealight and send it to Spencer (above post) who's the judge. He'll burn them simultaneously and the winner is the tealight that outlasts the others (the one on Duracells!).

            There's a thread just for this but if you do want to join in Isabel (Holehouse) will add you. Just post here! Good luck with the candles.

            Marion x


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              wow thank you for the reply everyone.

              ill try give a run down of what i have been doing.

              Im using parafin wax which i bought from someone who gave up candle making, i believe it has sterin mixed in but i dont know for sure. I am now out of wax so i shall be sure to buy the wax that is pre mixed with sterin.

              I have been using dye at a ratio of 2% of wax weight. is this correct?

              I tried a few melts lastnight using glass moulds, the finish was superb however my top up totally ruined them YET AGAIN. Heres what i done.

              Pre heated glass moulds in oven for 4-5mins,
              Removed from oven and placed pre waxed wick in mould using glue dots,
              at this stage my wax has fully melted but could u believe my dam thermometer broke in the wax so i have no idea of temp
              Poured wax and topped up around 30 mins after.
              Removed candle the next morning and finish was very very shiney and smooth but top up ruined it again.

              I must have done temps correctly but due to thermometer braking i have no idea which is very annoying.

              Ill post pics up tomorrow when i download them to my comp and hopefully may shed some more light.

              i have also tried the same lastnight with my aluminium mould which holds 400g of wax. got perfect results again with the acception of the top up surprize surprize.


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                What kind of glass moulds are these?


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                  it's a bit of trial and error i'm afraid.

                  you might like to try putting in breather holes - four little holes close to the wick breaking the surface of the candle as it sets, this helps reduce shrinkage as your top up will fill in the holes. you then don't need to top up so much (you don't get such a large sink hole). I use a wooden skewer to make my holes but a toothpick or similar will do.

                  i'd also try pouring your top up sooner.

                  try this and see how it comes out.

                  variables like room temperature, drafts, temperature of mould - all these things can effect the final finish so it's finding what works and that can take some time.


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                    Oh, I am also newbie but I will try according to your suggestion.
                    Hello !
                    I am Emdad. I am a Article Writer.


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                      ok i have managed to find time to upload a few pics, i have managed to get tealights to turn out pretty good however the votive moulds are proving to be a little problomatic. heres what i have been doing for tealights, been doing same for votives but candle finish aint brilliant.

                      Melt wax
                      add vybar @ 1%
                      add dye @ 1%
                      add scent at 3%
                      pour wax at a temp of 78degC.

                      Im pouring 24 tealights at a time. do i have my % correct? and also temps? scent throw is pretty dam good. i have givin a few to my mother who buys candles non stop and she was amazed at the scent throw for a single tealight so im happy with the amount of scent im using.

                      p.s went to post pics but need 25 posts, but anyway,