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Newcomer needing a little advice please!

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  • Newcomer needing a little advice please!

    Hi guys, very happy I have found this forum.

    I am about to start selling some large feature candles which will mainly be used for decoration purposes. They can be lit but really they are more for decoration. I am desperately looking for a metallic dip other than the boring gold, silver and bronze. Can anyone help?

    Some silly person said using acyrlic spray paint, as when it is dry it is non toxic. But the little common sense left in me after having little sleep with little babies is telling me no!!

    Any advice would be great as I am literally pulling my hair out trying to find exciting colours!!!

    Thank You Sarah

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    Hi SarahJane
    Sorry I can't help you but wanted to welcome you to the forum. The inmates of the forum are going a bit stir crazy tonight! Normally we're very sensible and give good advice. I'm sure someone will be along shortly to help you.



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      I can't help on the candles, but just wanted to say welcome to the forum. There are many candle people here and I'm sure someone will come along to help soon xx
      Sarah x

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        Ahh lovely thank you. I hope so..Google does not have the answers for me, which is a first!!


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          Unfortunately the only glitter effect colours I have come across seem very poor quality. They don't allow the wax to burn properly and don't give much glitter effect. The easiest way and the way many candle manufacturers do it is:

          Use a smaller wick than required in a pillar style candle so that the wick "tunnels", leaving around 2-3cm around the edges. Then coat the edges with a glitter effect paint. I know this is not really the solution you wanted but it seems to be the only option if you want the candle to burn correctly and safely.

          My best advise would be not to bother with glitter effect anyway as it always looks cheap (My Opinion) and they seem to be quiet common in places like Wilkinson ect. If you didn't want to burn the candle at all I would recommend using Mica Pigments which are an Iron Oxide pigment with ground silica, you can find these at Gilding Spe******ts.
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            Hi Sarah and lovely to "meet" you!

            Again I can't help because I only make container candles (so far!) but I know there's a lot of help here for all kinds of candles. Good luck.



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              Lots of experiments

              Hi everyone..thanks for everyones help with the colour question ages ago!

              I seem to spend alot of time on here each evening reading everybodys advice whilst I'm experimenting, but i'm finding not enough time to say hello!!

              Hopefully by mid march I will be able to share my creations with you as I'm working on a range on candle..every night till late/ early...very addictive!! Hopefully with a little experience behind my belt maybe help others too!

              I'm still seeking some nice colours. So far i've looked at Deco lac, craft paints and currently I'm using Inpex dye chips..but again find the colours BORING! If I'm using a soya / Parrafin blend can I mix the dyes chips together to get my own custom colours or would they react somehow?

              Also with rubber moulds (one from candle ma***s) how long do they typically last? And has anyone ever used RTV silicone rubber mold to create their own moulds..If so how did you find it?

              So many questions!!

              Thank you
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                Hi Sarah

                Some very quick answers to your questions:

                Yes you can mix the dye chips and make your own colours and shades. It might take a few attempts to get just the right colour but there shouldn't be any adverse effects from mixing.

                As for rubber moulds, they last a good long while if cared for well. You will get many many candles out of each one. Exactly how many will depend on the mould itself. The trick is to keep using them. If you leave latex moulds unused for a long time they will start to crack and then they're useless.
                Oh, also, don't forget DON'T use wax that contains stearin in latex moulds!!

                RTV is brilliant stuff (although can be quite expensive). Again, it takes a little getting used to in order to produce perfect moulds but it's not difficult and the results are excellent.

                Hope that's of some help to you.



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                  Thank you Spencer. I did remember reading something a days ago which is quite a blur about something not to use in latex moulds..Stearin!! Thank you.

                  I think I will leave the RTV for a little while and get my candles right first..It just seems I'm hoarding items very quickly that I think will make nice moulds for candles. I'm sure my partner thinks I'm mad!!

                  Thank yoooooou!


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                    Glad to be of help

                    Haha, you wont be the only one with a partner thinking you're mad. My other half rolls her eyes and sighs when she sees my mind wandering down the route of "I wonder how I could use this/that/the other in my candle making" whilst we're out at the shops..


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                      Well after you advise about Stearin I decided to take the wax out as I was unsure about the parrafin having it in there. I used an old candle as I'm experimenting

                      How the heck do you clean them? I had a purple dye in there and it looks slightly stained and has a white frosting inside the mould? Is this the effect of stearin?

                      If so that was an expensive experiment!!