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Wick problems !!

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  • Wick problems !!

    Hi all got back into candlemaking after a long break & I am having wick problems (nowt new there)

    I purchased these as I though I could a few test runs however I just cant seem to get it right for samplers, they are either going out or burning out to fast.

    I am using parrifin wax with a small amount of frangrance 5% and I have coated the wicks before I threaded them.

    Have I bought the wrong ones , can anyone point me in the right direction please.

    I am not allowed to put up a link cos I am new, but hopefully this will work, type into ebay search box & the product comes up.

    Mixed Pack of Cotton Braided Candle Wick - 4 Sizes - 30 mtr in total

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    Just wanted to say peacelilly

    sorry can't help you as I don't use paraffin but I am sure someone will be along soon who can ...



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      Hi Peacelily

      Welcome to the forum and to the world of wonky wicks!
      I've checked the ebay site you got the wicks from but it doesn't give a lot of info on them so sorry I can't help.
      However, I'm sure our resident expert the all seeing, all knowning Spencer will be along shortly, if he can't help I suspect no-one can.



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        (As CandleMan would say... "You Rang?")

        Hi Peacellily. Welcome to the forum and back to the world of candle making

        I presume by "samplers" you mean votive candles?

        Is there anything else in your wax other than the paraffin itself and the FO? i.e. are you using a pillar blend that will already have stearin in or are you adding stearin or Vybar yourself?

        Pointing you in the right direction for wicks will very much depend on the answers to the above.

        The ebay listing you bought the wicks from is a little vague on the actual specifications of the wicks and I cannot seem to find a website for the manufacturer. Perhaps worth emailing the ebay seller and seeing what info they can provide you with.

        I would hazard a guess that the wicks are coreless flat braided wicks and therefore suitable for dipped tapers or particularly thin narrow pillar candles.

        I've expressed on here many times my aversion to using coreless wicks in container candles, which votives/samplers are when in use, but many people do use them without issue. So perhaps with a little tinkering it would be possible to make these wicks work for you, but it's hard to say without trying them myself.

        Not sure that's been of much help to you...

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          hi, are you burning your votives in votive holders? if not then they will burn can also add up to 10% beeswax to extend the life of your paraffin votive. i'm still testing/learning about wicks so am not sure yet.

          these guys have some nice info on votive wicks if it helps...?


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            Hi Peacelily! Welcome back to the madness of chandling/chandlery/whatevery.

            Best of luck resolving the wick problems - I'm using soy so can't comment but wish you all the best and I'm sure Spencer & Co will be loads of help.



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              Thanks for all the info struck down with the flu at the moment so will digest the replies.
              So much has changed in my years of absence in the hobby far more suppliers and a lot not around

              Browsing though i see i am far from alone with the wick problem !.