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Glaze for carved candles?

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  • Glaze for carved candles?

    I was just wondering if anyone uses glaze to finish off their candles, I have seen on a previous thread that chinaglaze could be used but I was wondering if there was anything better or easier to get hold of,thanks very much Rob

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    Hi Rob and welcome

    You can buy various spray glazes for candles and some gloss coatings that you dip the cooled candle into to coat them.

    Personally I don't like either. The sprays are expensive, usually recommended to use them outside only and can prove a little patchy, not to mention the lengthy drying times on some. The dip version involves having a large vat of the stuff melted to coat the candles properly and this can be a painful process if you're only glossing a small number of candles.

    I find either method makes the candles look plastic and somehow tacky. But that's my personal opinion.


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      Thanks for the reply, I just find that once iv carved the candle it looses colour and its also very brittle and easily breaks.


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        Hi Rob. Are you making those dip and carve candles?

        Now there's a talent! I tried it and failed spectacularly!

        Most of those I've seen have been coated in some way with glaze, so presumably it's a necessary step.

        Good luck finding a glaze that works for you and would love to see some of your creations!


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          yea its dip and carve, iv liteally done about 10 but havnt done more due to not having a glaze, iv tried to upload a pic, did it work?
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            They look far better than my attempts!

            Mine looked like badly peeled vegetables!


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              They look great Rob, that takes some skill to carve those