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What do you do with your 'tested' candles?

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  • What do you do with your 'tested' candles?

    This might be a stupid question but what do you all do with the used candles left over from testing, or the ones that just didn't pour correctly and have never been lit?

    Do you collect them all to melt back down later? What about the left overs of burned candles?

    Can you keep melting and pouring wax over and over or does it lose some of it's... er... integrity?

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    Container candles really need to be tested with a full burn from start to finish so there's no wax left after that.

    Pillar candles I just pour very short versions of the final product as I'm only testing melt pool width rather than depth, so very little wax left over there.

    For those spectacular failures, I tend to save them and have a "rogues gallery" to remind me of what NOT to do!
    (it's rather extensive!)

    You can keep melting and re-pouring without loss of 'integrity', but you will lose a certain amount of any FO/EO you may have in the wax each time you melt it down.

    One thing you can do with waste wax like that is melt it down and make firelighters as it really doesn't matter what the wax looks like or what type of wax it is. You can also turn it into outdoor candles as the nice colours aren't so important there. I often melt down a load of odds and ends and make bamboo torches for the garden. They're always brown, but I only light them at night so it's not really a problem.