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    So our first big order got collected by the today - 8 container candles weighing almost 4kg and I'm so paranoid that something is going to be smashed when it arrives! Has anyone ever had a boo boo when sending out glass container parcels or am I worrying a bit too much?

    I meticulously wrapped every container in bubble wrap, lined the box in the stuff and wedged polystyrene (spelling?!) quavers and wotsits in between the items and walls. Yes I do compare them to crisps

    I'm sure there's not much more I could've done aside from covering everything in more bubble wrap - but if I keep thinking that, where does it end?! Customers will end up receiving giant balls of bubble wrap with a single jar inside if my obsession continues :P

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    We buy lots of china and I send glass samples bottles and your wrapping sounds spot on. If some of the items we buy are heavy we ask them to put a layer of cardboard between each item ie each layer of your candles as thin bubble wrap isn't always enough to absorb the shock. Not sure if you need to do this though. This 'crisps' of plystyrene are a big help in absorbing any shocks.

    You should see the way some people pack. Someone sent us a teapot wrapped in a few layers of toilet paper and brown wonder it arrived broken.


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      You've put my mind at ease quite a bit I meant they're pretty solid when they've got the wax inside but in turn that makes them very heavy! Swings and roundabout really. Our empty jars arrive in meager packaging (a box within a box and thin card dividers) and out of about 150 jars only one was broken so I'm hoping ours are fool proof!


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        Not much about packaging just wanted to say "WELL DONE YOU" :-)


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          Haha thank you! Pretty chuffed to get 2 orders within 4 days of launching the website, not to mention friends and family getting their grubby little paws on them :P