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  • Breakthrough

    If you've read my hot throw thread you'll know I couldn't get hot throw and I wondered if it was because the space I was burning the candle in was too big. So last night I had a bath and took one of the candles I made a while ago that I thought wasn't giving me hot throw. My bath was interrupted when my sis popped her head round the door to ask me something and she said "it smells lovely and raspberry-y in here". I was like "really" because I couldn't smell anything but when I got out the bath and left the room for a mo and went back in I was hit by the gorgeous smell of sun-kissed raspberries ~ hurrah!! After that I moved the candle to my bedroom and again it filled it with a lovely scent. Then I moved it into my sisters room (bigger than mine) and hell yeah ~ raspberry air!

    I now have another candle burning in the kitchen and can smell that too!

    So, it looks like I have had hot throw all long

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    Very well done indeed!

    Many candle makers have turned up here feeling less than confident about their scent throw. Often without good cause as it's there all along.

    Always good to hear of someone finding out their candles do smell good after all