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  • Wicks

    Sorry for all the questions! Im so new at all of this! Im so confused with the amount of different wicks there are, is there some easy way to understand which wick goes well with what?

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    Hi pincalada.

    Easiest thing to do is read all the many pages on here. As many of the more experienced crafters/artists will probably tell you......the best thing to do is practise, practise and then when you think you have got it right......scrap it and then go practise some more. Best of luck.


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      Rob is correct on the practice, practice bit! It's not easy to find the perfect wick especially when you consider that every variable will affect the burn. So one dye will affect it differently to another and one fragrance will do the same.

      The best thing you can do is test test test and keep extensive notes on each burn test. You will stumble across the perfect wick for each candle you make (eventually) but it's rarely the first, or second, or third......


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        Have you noticed that there isn't a definite instruction page on what goes where with what and how much? All too many variables, which is why I mentioned 'practice'. Plus it's great fun learning, wait did I say 'fun'??????

        Well it is and when you get there, make sure you have written it down to refer back to.

        Best of luck.
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