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    Hi all,

    So I'm currently working out some costings for wax melts and my research has raised a couple of questions regarding packaging.

    Firstly, what is everyone's first choice for packaging? I think I know how to pack up the wax melts in their larger quantities but I'm not sure what to do about packaging them up individually. I would imagine shrink wrap is an obvious choice, but how to you melt the wrap without melting the wax? I've never used shrink wrap so forgive me if it's a stupid question!

    I'm assuming that packinging the melts individually is quite necessary to preserve the fragrance and prevent any contamination between the different scents, it's just a matter of finding the best way of doing it!

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    I think for presentation and clarity, wrapping the melts in one way or another is vital. It will also stop them getting bashed about too much. Shrink wrap looks very neat and tidy but for me was too much hassle! lazy I know! I pour mine direct into wee containers and that way I just put the lid and sticker on and away I go!

    Personally if I wasn't doing that I would store them in cellophane type idea tied with a nice ribbon or organza bag maybe?



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      As our good friend Clarabell says, cellophane bags are great for this. You can stack your melts in them, tie them off with ribbon or something similar and away you go.

      I often use this approach for simplicity sake (and the fact I am yet to find the clamshell packaging at a price I'm prepared to pay without buying them by the 1000's) but sometimes I like to sell melts in a mixture of fragrances and so I like to keep them at least slightly separated. Shrink wrapping isn't THAT much hassle if you buy the right stuff and get the process well practiced. A very thin shrink wrap, a heat sealing machine and a quick blast with a heat gun can have your melts sealed and professional looking in a mere few seconds (after some practice!)
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        Thanks to both of you! I definitely plan to use either cello bags or stack them in tubing in some way, that's when I'm selling them in packs. As you said though, I would like to keep them separated/wrapped as they'll be of different fragrances so maybe a shrink wrapping solution is the best answer - I just worry that I'll melt the melt!

        Just out of interest, where's the best place to grab the machines? I've seen a few around the £200-300 mark, I don't know if this is a reasonable price.

        Maybe until then I'll go for as neat a cling film wrap as possible!


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          Don't worry about melting the melt. If you get a heat shrink film that's thin enough it will take literally a couple of seconds with the heat gun to shrink to fit. That will not be long enough to melt the wax unless you hold the heat gun too close.

          As for the machines, £200-300 sounds like a lot to me! Maybe we're not talking about the same thing or maybe they've gone up in price since I bought mine.

          Have a look online for an "impulse heat sealer" and you'll see the ones I mean. It basically seals the heat shrink film in a straight line, kind of like the sealed ends of a crisp packet, and then then you use the heat gun it will pull it all tight on the melts.

          I think I paid less than £30 for mine from ebay and it's still serving me well 3 years later.


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            Ah, I must have been looking at more industrial ones. Though on searching impulse heat sealer I'm still struggling to find anything under £70 - still a lot better than what I previously found though!

            Thanks for that

            P.S - found some on ebay a lot cheaper!
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              I was just going to say that's where I bought mine.
              There are 12" ones on there for £26 including delivery. Same as mine and perfect for the job.


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                Think I may well be investing one of those soon then! Thanks for the tip there, I've been trying to source so many different types of packing that I started to lose my mind after a while!


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                  Below is a link to the shrink wrap film that I use.

                  I create a 'tube' of the film around the melt, stick it closed at the back with a clear sticky tape circle, seal the ends as close to the melt as possible with the impulse healer (about 1cm), then give it a zap with the heat gun.

                  In no time at all you'll have nicely wrapped melts that wont contaminate each other if different fragrances are packaged together, and they wont succumb to surface damage when they rub against each other.



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                    Oh wow, that's fantastic, thank you! I had a look at the film yesterday and only found it in mammoth sized rolls - this is a much better alternative being that I don't want to spend silly amounts of money right now. Will definitely be shopping there instead.


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                      Planning on making some wax melts tonight - I'm trying to work out how much wax to use per melt though. I have the 'standard' moulds from 4C's, soya pillar blend wax and plan to use dye and around 8% FO. I've read that the melts should weigh around 25-30g in the end so I'm thinking maybe 20g of wax should do it, does that sound about right?


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                        I think most wax melters comfortably hold a 30g melt. The Yankee tarts are usually about that size if memory serves me correctly so perhaps go for a little more than 20g.


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                          I actually checked the Yankee website thinking they would have the weights on there but had no luck! I'll play around with 25g maybe and see what works best. Shame I don't have my votive moulds yet because I could do both at once and experiment without worrying too much about wastage!


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                            Not bad! 25g did the job


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                              Pic doesn't work