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    I am still not there with my scent throw, although its getting better but I am not sure what else to try but the try a different wax.
    I am currently using Ecosoya xcel wax, adding FO at 10% (in weight) at 85 degrees and pouring at around 50 degrees.
    Does anyone use iMelt Soya Supreme Container Wax ~ the description says it gives excellent scent throw.
    Love to hear your thoughts.
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    Hi I've had terrible trouble trying to get a decent scent throw from Xcel and it can still be a hit and miss. I started with Eco wicks and then changed to CSN wicks with some improvement. I had the problem with XL and with CB135. I started doing a bit of experimenting mixing the waxes and found (for some reason unknown to me) that the scent throw improved when I used 75% XL mixed with 25% 135. I've now tried with wooden wicks and am getting an amazing scent throw with them. I'm now adding FO's at 6% by weight and it seems to be working fine. I think (in my very novice opinion) that it's down to wicks, CSN seem to work with some FO's but not with others. I've tried adding FO's at 60 degrees and slightly higher but that doesn't seem to make any difference. As most of the experienced knowledgeable members of this forum have told me it really does come down to testing, there seems to be no shortcuts. Out of interest which FO's and wicks have you tried. Hope this is helpful


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      Originally posted by burning_it_at_both_ends View Post
      the description says it gives excellent scent throw.
      Can you imagine a manufacturer/supplier using the line "It's hot scent throw is OK-ish" to sell their wax? No me, either.


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        Originally posted by holehouse View Post
        Out of interest which FO's and wicks have you tried.
        Hi Isabel, thanks for this.

        I think you are right and it is the wicks, so will do some more experimenting.

        The FO I use are from Sensory Perfection and have tried different scents from lavender to pineapple, raspberry and chocolate. The chocolate by far is the best scent throw with a CSN wick.

        Wick wise I started using WEDO ECO wicks but didn't get the throw and didn't like how the wick burned, so changed to CSN and they are better (this is what I used for the chocolate and raspberry one but the scent throw of the Raspberry was rubbish). I am going to order some more wicks maybe RRD and wood but the wood is expensive compared to other wicks and if I want to sell will impact of the price of the candle.



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          I've been browsing this forum for a few weeks now (christmas season is busy and don't really have enough time at the minute) but thought this is worth a mention.

          iMelt Soya Supreme Container Wax is my own brand of wax Yes I am biased but I have spend a lot of time developing it to work.

          It is a blend of Natural Soya Wax (not NGI but from the same factory), Natural Plant Waxes and Natural Plant Oils.

          With my own fragrances it will work up to 10% with no additives but I do recommend using Natural Palm Stearin when exceeding 8%.

          My personal recommendation is 25% Stearin, 65% Soya Supreme and 10% Fragrance Oil. All measurements by weight not volume. Again wick requires testing depending on Container size
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