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    Anyone sell their products via their own website, thinking of setting up a website, If so who do you use to design and host it? how much?

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    You can set one up yourself quite easily. Only a little technical know how necessary.... Look a the ads on the right hand side of ths screen an you'll find at least one link to "create" your own...

    Far cheaper than paying an IT geek (like me) to do it for you...


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      I use and have made my own - I love their features & it costs less than £100 for the year (usually more than paid for within a month on sales alone) There is a 30-day free trial available so you can try it out without committing yourself to any costs.

      Have a look around mine - - if you like it then head over to & try them out!
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        I don't sell candles online yet but do have an online shop and use Create. It’s cheap at £100 per year, includes hosting and easy to use ~ never had any problems. I prefer to purchase my domain and emails independently and use 123-reg for that. I link my online shop to paypal and nochex for the payment gateways and these take and fee from each sale. I have also used Mr Site previously and don't rate them!

        Don't forget it all very well having a great website to showcase your candles but you need to get it out there and not just expect people to stumble across it.

        Good luck.


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          Another vote for Create here.....Great value and brilliant customer services!! xx
          Sarah x

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            I hardly need say it but Create is very good
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              We too use Create and have the basic version at £49.90 pa. Have had it for nearly a year and its perfectly OK as a starter although we might upgrade on renewal to have more of the features now the business is growing. We are also just tying into Google checkout for taking credit cards.

              Good Luck



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                Oo, there's a bit of a theme here. I use create too. Takes a while to get your head around and I can't do the whizzy design stuff like some folk, but their help system is second to non


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                  I will buck the trend and say I use Sandvox cost nothing per year as bought the licence bout £50.00 one off and hosting through easily about £25.00 per year


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                    I think Sandvox Mac only(?) so that might rule a few people out.

                    I know people that use it and it does get good reviews.


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                      Yes Spencer it is for Mac's only, sorry keep forgetting but most of the people I know use Mac's. Easily also do template websites, so another to look at Yvonne


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                        You may also want to have a look at prestashop, they are free and open source shopping cart solution. It gives you an impressive back end management system. I have installed two shops using prestashop


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                          I considered selling on my own website, but opted in the end to sell on Folksy mainly because I thought being part of a larger marketplace would help new buyers find my shop. When I looked into it Google Checkout seemed like a good tool for making products available for sale on your own site. For hosting I use Just Host Me (I have a website in addition to my online shop) and their hosting costs between £2.50-£8.50 +VAT per month and £4 +VAT per year for a domain. I built the site myself in Adobe Dreamweaver so I don't really have any advice for you on design costs. Hope that's of some use.


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                            I have my hosting with Free Virtual Servers, though funnily enough what I get is not free... but there is a free hosting option. I then use Zen cart (free) for my shop. DO NOT use this unless you have a degree in computing. Luckily my OH does but I'm thinking about getting a new shopping cart, so will have a looky at 'create' so that I can actually use the thing. In saying that once you actually work out how to create/design your shop, the actual use of the shopping cart software itself (adding products, dealing with orders etc) is actually pretty straight forward.
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                              Create is pretty straight forward once you get into it although the cheaper £4.99 a month option has quite a few limitations you may find you need the £9.99 per month option. I thought the hardest part was coming up with the filling "gumph" text for pages.

                              It's a tough old world out there so unless you have the market cornered with a unique product that everyone wants and no one is selling be prepared to wait for those orders. It can take a while for your site to be found, become popular, generate sales etc. It took 7 months for us to receive our first order. I would be happy with £50 per month in orders through the website at least it wouldn't slowly bleed me dry.

                              Good luck with it.