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I am soooo annoyed

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  • I am soooo annoyed

    What a frigging week I've had. I am doing my first candle party tonight (bricking myself to be truthful). Well I was making up little sniffy samplers. The scents I use the most are at the front of the drawer where the least used tend to get shoved to the back. All my Christmas scents are at the front of the drawer and the summery ones get shoved to the back.

    Well making my little samplers I needed to delve into the back of the drawer - I went to use the peach and sniffed and went that doesn't smell like peach - it was vile!!! smelled like the worst smell on the Planet CITRONELLA - I pulled the whole drawer out and that's when I saw one of the Citronella bottles had split and was leaking - I had to throw out a good number of my summery fragrances because the bottles must have somehow soaked up the Citronella into the bottle.

    I am soooooo annoyed the bottle actually cracked and must have been slowly leaking for a while - if I thought I hated the smell of Citronella before I tripely hate it now the whole house is stinking because of it.

    Sorry I'm moaning again but what a flippin week.


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    But Lisa... at least it'll keep the flies, mozzys and wasps away!!!!

    I think we may decide to call you Lisa queen of the spills!!
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      Oh no, yucky yuck!

      ((hugs)) hun x - Fabric buttons, button supplies and handmade accessories


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        You really are having a rubbish week . Hope your party goes really well tonight and they all bring loads of money with them.

        I'm sure when your counting your £££millions after tonight this bad week will fade into the background.

        Big hugs


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          Eeekkk! I hate the smell of it so know how you must feel.

          Hope you have a good night tonight with all the candles and you sell loads!! Let us know how you get on


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            oh dear, bet you will be glad when this week is over!!

            Good luck with your party you do terrific!!!

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              So then, how did it go?


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                How did it go? Hope it went well.

                Citronella is yuk, and it must be doubley bad when it's concentrated.

                I did a shopping evening last night and I left some of my paintings at home along with my carrier bags, I wasn't too far away from home so I went back to get them with my mum holding the fort, but before you make your first sale you standing there think why? why? why? Too much stress, internet selling is soooo much easier.


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                  How was the Party Lisa

                  I had one at home a couple of weekends ago, I prefer doing them at home because I can show the full range

                  Have another couple booked (one this Sat and on on the 13th Dec)


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                    The party went great. There were only 6 people there and I made over £150 which is better than any fair I have ever attended!!

                    It was my friends family and friends so I know most of them but I was totally terrified and got my talk out of the way as quick as poss and let them have a look at my things. That was it I was sooo nervous. Don't know if I would be less nervous talking in front of strangers.



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                      So glad it went well for you. It will be easier the next time .If I made that kind of money going to my friends houses there would be plenty of next times

                      Well done you !!!! Just knew you would be a success .

                      Cheers Janice


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                        Well done Lisa. I'm sure next time will be easier, and probably strangers would be easier as well, but whatever - you'll do just fine!



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                          Well done Lisa, that's great! 6 people and you made £150, big spenders!

                          Keep up the good work, and stop spilling stuff!


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                            Well done everyone that ventures into doing parties its sounds abit nerve racking
                            Wendy xx



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                              Well done Lisa long may your success continue!
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