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  • organic soy wax

    i am new to this site and would like to start making my own candles with soy wax. problems is that as i am totally organic i need organic soy wax any ideas as where i can find a supplier in the uk or ireland. all help appreciated as i am itching to start my new winter hobby.

    regards and thanks for looking

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    That could be a hard task. All soy wax is imported and I believe that there are 2 main companies worldwide that manufacture it. One is NGI the other is Cargill. There may be others but they are the only 2 I'm aware of.

    I use soy from NGI as it is grown in the US which is where it always used to be grown. Now it is grown in other parts of the world including the South American rain forest. Cargill had a lot of bad press some time ago because it was destroying the forests in order to grow soy beans. So for ethical reasons I won't use Cargill waxes.

    As to whether NGI soy wax is truly organic I'm not too sure. I know that they use no pesticides or herbicides and that it is also non-GM. But who knows what the wind carries. The soy bean could be grown near another farm who maybe uses pesticides and other such things and could contaminate NGI's crops.

    For this reason I am always sceptical when someone says that their product is totally organic as you can never really stop contamination that is carried by the wind. Unless of course they have discovered the means to control Mother Nature .

    I'm sure someone else with some more experience than me will pop in and either confirm or correct the above.

    Ruby xx

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      thanks. i will contact them and ask them.


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        what about other organic supplies for candles? Any ideas?
        all help appreciated.