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bipol x and rapeseed wax

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  • bipol x and rapeseed wax

    hi all am after a little help if anyone can

    i would like to make a container candle with rapeseed wax and bipol x so i can make a triple scented candle
    the container i plan to use is 65 mm wide i have mp22 wick which in rapeseed wax is suitable for 65-70mm size, it holds approx 200g water.
    the fragrance will be lavender as its is one of the wifes favorite scents.
    i am a little confused as to how much fragrance and bipol to add as it states 1g per 3ml fragrance no more than 7 gram per 100g so i know i cannot exceed 14 grams of bipol that would be the maximum i think but how would that workout with the fragrance math is not my strong point
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    A jar that holds 200g of water will hold approx 180g wax.
    To 'triple scent' that you would use 16g FO.
    That would be just a touch over 5g bipol-x.


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      i wasent far off i used 200g wax 8g bipol and 18g frgrance will let you know how it turns out cheers
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        You're nearly at your 25 post mark so you could SHOW us how it turns out soon

        I've never used rapeseed wax or Bipol-X so keen to see the results!!


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          well so far it has cracked a bit in the container poured it t 78 degrees which is about right in heated container so no idea why that has done but its a first try for me with rapeseed wax as well so live and learn hehe
          i know it is a very soft wax so for next experiment i might try mixing some hardner with it as well see if that improves things
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            we lit the candle and am a little puzzled virtually zero scent throw unless your head is over the candle the it is very strong
            the wax virtually melts in your hands so something definatly gone boo boo the wax is soft before adding anything to it.
            when it was burning we noticed voids in the wax as well which i cannot figure either any advice peeps.
            the leftover wax made wonderful wax melts with amazing scent throw
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              Not from me, sorry mate... never used the stuff...I think you'll have to wait for CandleMan to turn up next... he seems to be the one for rapeseed advice...


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                Well i came across this thread searching for additives for natural waxes. Trying to help a customer make a highly scented 100% natural candle. I know its a bit late but this might help out someone in the future.

                Rapeseed wax is a very hard wax and should not be able to "melt in your hand". A high fragrance content turns the wax basically to mush. Unfortunatly all the additives i have come across only seem to work with paraffin wax as there are designed to modify the crystalline structure. Now while natural waxes do have a crystalline structure to some degree, natural waxes are made from plants which are designed to be bio-degradable. Therefore the crystalline structure is designed to break down which leads to fragrance seepage.

                The only way i have found to over scent a natural wax is to get the tempreture as high as possible. This opens up to molecules and allows for a higher retention. 5% fragrance should be more than enough for natural waxes.

                Unfortuantly, I have not found any solution that allows the wax to absorb more than 8%. Some waxes may be higher but not much.

                Just think, if your going to use natural waxes to make a natural candle, Why add man made fragrances and paraffin derived additives?
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