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Pillar candle sinking in the middle

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  • Pillar candle sinking in the middle

    Hi all
    Poured our first pillar candle last night 165x75 aluminium mould and blended parrafin wax. Found that it sank in the middle. Spencer already been a great help, anyone else got any advice??

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    Hello mate, I'll just jump in here again if you don't mind...

    In addition to what I said earlier, the cooler your wax is when pouring, the less sinking you will see. The art is finding the fine line between wax hot enough to give you a smooth outer surface (if that's what your aiming for) and cool enough to limit the sinking.

    You will have to top up a paraffin pillar candle ragardless of how cool you pour, there's no getting away from that. But you can help limit the amount of repouring.


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      Yup, it will always do that, I'm afraid, even in soy wax. Just keep repouring until it stops doing it. When done I quick blast mine with a heat gun to smoothen and even out the bottom.
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        dont forget to poke relief holes as well before you do second pour,
        a pencil/chopstick or similar i have found works well for this
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          I dont think I can post live links but if you google "pillar candle double pour method" the first result gives some good tips towards the bottom of the instructions regarding 'double pouring' and making 'relief holes'. That should help you with the sinking problem you're experiencing

          Good luck!
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