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Where Do U get Your Idea's

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  • Where Do U get Your Idea's

    It's interesting to know where people come up with their idea's for candles & melts

    Most of the time things just pop into my head
    Other times some of my idea's generate from other peoples work, I dont copy as thats not fair but I take an idea and re-invent it to my own design

    How do u come up with yours?

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    I don't know about candles and melts but for my stuff I think about what sort of things I would like & also ask other people & listem to comments at craft fairs etc.
    Having said that, I once blended a fragrance and made some bath bombs for a craft fair & almost didn't take them as I wasn't too keen on the smell and, yes you've probably guessed it, I sold more of them than my 'nice' smelling ones!! So, sometimes it pays to make stuff that maybe you're not too keen on.

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      Most times ideas pop into my head - again other times you take inspiration from others - the changing seasons tend to help my creativity a bit as I have a really good think about what would be good for Spring, Summer etc and take inspiration from them.



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        Where do you get ideas

        I try and get my ideas from magazines, other crafters, in shops or anywhere! sometimes you see something that makes you say "wow i want to do that" i then try and think of how i can make it to my personality and what people want.