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    Hi All

    Have been making candles for some time now (a kind of therapy to help with my depression) and have really really enjoyed it. Have given several as gifts and people seem to like them.

    I have up to now been making with Paraffin wax - some are scented and coloured some are just coloured (my mum doesn't like scented candles - weird I know) and I have been making lots of different shapes, cupcakes, pillars, stars and smaller geometric candles.

    My Dad currently does regular car boots and a couple of craft fairs (his new wife makes jewellery) and he has asked about the possibility of trying to sell some of my candles for me as he feels they are at least as good as the ones he has seen elsewhere on the circuit however this has sent me into a real spin - not only through lack of confidence in what I make but because I have no idea about possible regulations, insurance or pricing etc and also about declaring any income as I am currently not working due to the depression and panic attacks.

    The only thing I have done with any I give as gifts is use a pictorial safety label on the packaging - just to make sure that people are safe with them.

    Any help and advice would be gratefully

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    Hi, know nothing about candles but you could check the health and safety website for any advice on this.


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      I do tea cup candles and have a printed sheet that gives warnings, if people choose top disregard nothing I can do but at least I have given instructions, not to be left lit with no one in supervision, do not place on polished surfaces etc.

      If you are going to sell what you make you will need to register with the HMRC and keep a set of accounts, not as daunting as it sounds as the HMRC run workshops for you. Public liability insurance is a must, lots of threads on here about this.