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CBxcel soy wax and UK based FO compatability?

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  • CBxcel soy wax and UK based FO compatability?

    can anyone in the UK tell me if they have found a Fragrance oil supplier with FO's that have been tested and can be used with NGI's CBXcel soy wax without sweating?
    I've tried all sorts of add temperatures/pour temperatures/wicks/containers all with the same problems. Great HT but not viable option with the sweating.
    The answer from NGI is a fragrance incompatability with the wax - great! my most popular fragrances come from 4candles and sensory perfection and neither company can help with fragrances used in a specific soy wax!
    I've had to revert to using CB135 which has a great CT but average HT. Sooooo annoying!


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    How about you market them as "Crying Candles" and say that the more your candle cries, the more blessings will be heaped upon one's household - the candle takes on the burdens of the person's heart, and cries in their stead.

    JUST KIDDING!!!!! Although.......

    Well, there's this stuff - I don't know anything about it though...

    And this very recent thread...

    Neither of these will give you a definitive answer, but might give you some ideas.


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      Hello Jane,

      we use CBXcel from 4candles and our FO's are from the same suppliers as yours. The only time we experience sweating, is when the candles are left sitting in any place that is more than cool. Soy wax has a very low melting point, and therefore does not need much persuasion to sweat in a warm environment. We keep al our candles now in a cool cupboard and never have a problem with sweating, and we make about 30 candles every week.
      Where do you store your candles? Maybe try moving them if too warm into a cooler area, and I am sure you will see a difference.
      Debbie & Chris