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Classic Tarts - get mostly wet spots - need help

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  • Classic Tarts - get mostly wet spots - need help

    Hello together, I don´t know what´s happen. This are not my first classic tarts, but now I have mostly a problem. I use Soy PB with the ordinary Wax Tart Mould - after pouring everything is fine, but after drying and putting them out, I have wet spots or bubbles - and I don´t know that now the weather or what I do wrong?
    Thanks for your help!!
    Hugs Sabine
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    Hi Sabine,

    Using Soy PB should be fine for the tarts so I can't see it's the wax. At a guess, I would suggest it is the oils you use or the method of mixing. I assume they are wax fragrance oils so maybe the ratio is too much (oil:wax). Usually too much oil in the wax will create a 'slippery film' on the top and around the melt. Too much oil can settle on the bottom of the mould (if the oil is heavier than the wax and not fully mixed in) and form what seems like air bubbles. Also, if you stir the oil into the wax too fast/hard then you can aerate the wax and those can bubbles form as it cools.

    Maybe try to gently mix the oils for 2-3 mins, warm up the moulds beforehand and use a gentle pouring method into the moulds. Try and keep the temperature constant as they set (shouldn't take too long for melts!).

    Just a few ideas that may help - good luck!