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  • A couple of questions

    I have 100s of tea lights. Could i melt them down, add some fragrance oil and make tarts out of them. also can i use food colouring to dye the wax with. Thanks all.

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    No food coloring - it is not made to mix with wax. You need candle dyes. Don't use soap dyes, either.

    Yes, you could melt the tea lights down...very gently. They're so small, I would just put some in an old pie pan or something and heat in the oven (not gas) over very low heat and then fish out (use tongs!) the wicks and tabs as they float around...prepare your tart molds with the proper wicks and add your quality fragrance/essential oils sold specifically for candles (soy or what??) .

    Don't just go by what I say...wait and see what others chime in with eventually! Good luck!


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      Hi, I am assuming your tealights are unscented? if so, no problem, but if they are scented, you may have a problem changing the smell to something else. Also, you do not need wicks in your tarts/melts. Just pour the wax into your mould, allow to set ,place in your oil burner and enjoy!
      Debbie & Chris


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        Heavens, I thought tarts were candles you floated in the bath or in your pool!


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          Ha, no they are simply called "floating candles"!
          Debbie & Chris


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            Okay, so it's a reasonable assumption, and I'm not as stupid as I am feeling??


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              You missed your're supposed to come back with "No, no, you're not stupid!" Or... "No, no, you're not SO very stupid..." something to that make me feel better....hello? hello??


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                Ok I'm stupid....what on earth are wax tarts? Tarts are either something you eat or girls your mother would rather you didn't associate with in my book LOL.

                "Where the spirit does not work with the hand, there is no art" ... Leonardo Da Vinci



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                  Originally posted by cosmic grammie View Post
                  You missed your're supposed to come back with "No, no, you're not stupid!" Or... "No, no, you're not SO very stupid..." something to that make me feel better....hello? hello??
                  I thought they were floating candles too Susan, I have some and they look like tarts ( the edible ones Bodrighy )
                  They do also make candles that look like edible fruit tarts

                  or these which are tart melts

                  So you are not stupid at all.

                  Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
                  Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.


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                    Thank you all very much. (I dont think you are stupid at all.) Maybe i should call them melts from now on. I use a lot of Yankee and they call them tarts. Right, going to give it a try. Will let you know how i get on. Thanks again.


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                      Thanks, Pete and Mo...I knew y'all were there somewhere...or would's that time of evening! =)

                      Watching your locations like a hawk...

                      Hey, it was 42.7 here today! Just awful. Would melt anyone's tart/s. =O
                      In fact, as my husband and son were working on my shed this morning, they said something was oozing out of a box...I'm scared to look. It could've been my soy wax for candles? OR, I broke down and bought some melt and pour (hey, same initials as y'all - M&P!!) soap to see what it's all about, and it could've melted and poured itself on the floor...oh dear, don't want to know.


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                        Whoa Susan 42.7؛C !! now that's 108؛F'ish in real money I think!! Don't think you need a double boiler to melt anything there lol.

                        Had a look inside yet to see whats' melted??