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  • Some random questions

    Hello everyone,

    I've been enjoying making candles a lot, but I have a few random questions.

    When making paraffin pillars, David Constable says in his books to heat the wax to 93 degrees C before pouring. I'm finding that I can heat the wax easily to the mid 80s range but it takes a long time to heat those last few degrees to get over 90. Is there a particular reason why he suggests 93, or is it just an arbitrary value? Does it really matter? What would happen if I pour at 85 degrees? Does it affect the finish?

    Has anyone done paraffin pillars WITHOUT added stearin? How does it affect the finish/burning?

    Those of you who have done both, do you see much of a difference between candles left to cool at room temperature and candles left to cool in a water bath?

    If you use an old stocking to polish your finished candles, does it have to be 100% nylon? I ask because I don't have any lying around and would have to buy something specifically.

    Thanks everyone

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    I don't know why David Constable says to pour at 93 degrees C I usually aim for a pour temp of around 82 degrees C (roughly) I think 93 is a bit high!

    I have made pillar candles without stearin (usually when I use rubber moulds as the stearin will attack the rubber). The candles are not as shiny or opaque as when I use stearin. Stearin increases the burn time of candles but not sure exactly how long compared to a candle without stearin. You might have a problem getting a candle out of the mould without stearin as this helps the wax to shrink back to release itself from the mould.

    A candle cooled in a water bath has a very shiny finish (I mainly use this method for hurricane shells) candles left to cool at room temperature as still shiny but not as glass smooth as the water bath method.

    It doesn't matter what type of tights you use to polish candles to be honest I tend to just grab what I have at hand to polish my candles (the bottom of my teashirt or a microcloth generally!).


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      Thanks Lisa. You are a font of experience and knowledge Thanks for sharing it with everyone.