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Tea cup candles for a beginner...

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  • Tea cup candles for a beginner...


    I'd like to ask for some advice, I've seen a lot of candles made in tea cups recently and I'd like to have a go myself but I'm wondering if there's anything special I need to know, are there different types of wax, what should I be looking for, how do you hold the wick down at the bottom of the cup. I naively assumed it'd be a simple job but after reading some posts I'm thinking there's a bit more to it! Also any suggestios for suppliers of materials in the North West (Manchester, Liverpool Warringotn area)?

    Thanks in advance

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    You must use container blend wax. Also, you need to get wicks that are the right size for your tea cups..try this guide -

    And you need some glue dots to hold the wick tabs in place while you pour in the wax.

    I've been wondering about tea cup candles myself - do you stick the tea cup to the saucer??

    Have you searched the CF for tea cup candles?


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      Thanks Susan, I'm planning on not sticking the cup to the saucer, I think it would be extra work and knowing me I'll stick it on wonky!


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        I've done a few teacup candles and I stick the wicks down , i dont attach the cup to the saucer
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          If you're using wick sustainers just dip that in your melted wax, like when you wax the wicks, and then press it to the bottom of your container for a couple of seconds for it to set before pouring the wax into your container. If you're not using the sustiners and just suspending the wick from the top of the cup by tying it to skewer or something you just need to make sure it's central and reaches the bottom of the cup before pouring.

          For the tea cups I'd go looking in the charity shops for sets or odd cups as I've found whole tea sets there and had a go at making one in a small teapot, though that took a lot of wax!

          I hope this helps



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            Sorry its an old thread but...A teapot candle sounds fantastic! Did it burn the inside as it went down? Also I think attaching the saucer would be really cute and now have it on my to make list.

            I know hobby craft (eek) do pre made wicks with the metal ends that should just sit at the bottom as you pour the wax over it for beginners like me it makes everything super simple.

            As this is for advice I need some too! I have some gorgeous scented candles in heavy glass but they have burned half down and I cannot light them any more! I don't want to break the glass as they have nice lids and can be used as storage so can anyone help with ideas of how to get the wax on for re use?

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