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is it as easy as heat... pour and set ?

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  • is it as easy as heat... pour and set ?

    i have started etching glass and wondered how easy it would be to make candles in the glasses i etch ...cant seem to find the right info anywhere it as easy as heat .. pour and set ?

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    You have to add your own fragrance and colour but most wax is heat gently add the fragrance and colour, pouring can be the tricky bit as you don't meant to get air bubbles plus you have to wick the item you are filling, either with a container wick or if a mould use a wick and wicking needle. It sounds easy but can go horribly wrong, you also have to top up the container with warm wax as it will shrink when setting at this point you have to be careful you do not get rings so has to be done at the right time. Bets to get a book try Candle Makers Supplies