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The best shop with cut&carve equipment for foreigner

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  • The best shop with cut&carve equipment for foreigner

    Hello everyone
    I'm looking for shop in UK with cut & carve equipment. Do you know any with attractive prices and good quality items? I'm looking especially for molds and carving tools. Thanks for help.
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    Hi Wojtek,

    Good luck with the 'Cut & Carve' candles - not sure if you have done already but if you search 'Candle Carving' on YouTube ther are some fantastic videos (look out for one called 'Hooked on Wax').

    Thornes have a dipping station for what you may need but it's not cheap;

    ... it may be worth looking around for someone who is giving it up and selling off their equipment - may need to Gooogle that.

    For general equipment, could you use the same tools that are used with clay sculpting? Not sure how different they might be.

    Sorry I can be of any more help.



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      Hi David
      Thank you for help I think I have already watched all videos on youtube about cut&carve including "Hooked on Wax". I have just ordered dipping station in Poland, it's not exactly for carved candles but it melts wax and it has six different chambers. The biggest problem is to find a basic equipment. I will check for something similar as You suggest. I need molds too, there is nothing like this in Poland. Molds are very expensive in your country. Maybe someone makes them individually? Could anyone gives some advises how to make a mold?Thanks again


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        polen onlineshop

        Hi Thaiphoon,

        would you sharing the URL of this Polen Shop, I guess it´s an onlineshop, right?
        Thanks in advance,
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