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Will these tip over?

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  • Will these tip over?

    What is our collective opinion? Will they be too dangerous, because of being top heavy with the candle in the top, though a tea light doesn't weigh much...but neither does the glitter, that they've filled them with...doesn't look real sturdy but I like them. They're recycled, which I like a lot.

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    They are lovely, and could make lovely Christmassy decorations, or in the kitchen or anywhere in fact.

    Perhaps you could place some decorative stones / pebbles at the bottom and then fill round them with glitter... or a teeny bag of sand in the middle and pack the glitter round it so it can't be seen... not sure that this makes sense - the idea is to add weight to the bottom.



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      I don't think they will be too top heavy - the bases are reasonably wide and if you do fill them with glitter, it will be surprising how much weight it adds. Sand or pebbles as Lorelle says will add extra weight at the bottom if you are not too sure. Tealights really don't have any weight to them but as with any candles, you would need to ensure that they are placed on a level surface and away from risk of being blown or knocked over.

      They are really nice and I do like the effect of the glitter in them. You could fill them with coloured water too which would add some extra stability (or get some of the florists 'fake water' gel which you could mix glitter into and get the best of both worlds?)
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        That sounds good, and I'm would I package them so the filler stuff wouldnt fall out in the bag?? Put the gravel and glitter in a ziplock bag for them to add once home?

        Hmmm, what about mixing glitter and sand for the very bottom...then glitter the rest of teh way? Would mixed be ugly?


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          I'd put some glass pebbles in the bottom, then glitter. Those glass pebbles come in lots of nice colours, including iridescent, and would look nice mixed in with glitter.


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            Oooo, yeah, the fake water gel...I like that stuff! I also like the hard acrylic 'water' in some vases of flowers I see at stores...but i bet I can't buy it in a pourable state...


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              Oh I love all those pretty glass pebbles too! I can't really tell by looking if they would fit through the first opening at the top...but I have a good many of those pebbles around the house so could easily try it IF I buy these "holders." It looks like two sets of the three for $18.60 US - that's the whole sale price. I suppose that's not too bad.