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Which soy wax for small container please?

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  • Which soy wax for small container please?

    I am having great fun making wax melts at the moment, but would like to experiment with container candles. I would like to start with making votives in glass containers.

    However I have just been looking at a thread on Etsy and I'm now a bit confused about which wax to use. I had decided that Ecosoy CB Xcel would be a good choice, but the makers on Etsy didn't seem to like it at all and preferred the CB Advanced. Any advice would be great.

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    EcoSoya CB-Advanced Soy is made from pure 100% soybeans and carefully selected botanical oils. Candles made with CB-Advanced Soy resist frosting, have a smooth top surface and an even smooth burn pool with consistent color retention. Ships well in all climates.


    EcoSoya CB-XceL is 100% soy and molecularly blueprinted to control polymorphism. It has extreme resistance to bloom (white frosting) and "wet spots", while producing an excellent scent throw with fragrances. It maintains an even burn pool with consistent color retention.

    CB-XceL requires one pour and new technology allows for top surface re-melting. CB-XceL has the highest melt point of all our container waxes, enabling shipment to all climates.

    (I have read that this is newer and not real well "known." )


    A one-pour all natural container wax requiring no additives. The Ecosoya CB 135 has good scent throw and glass adhesion and pours with a smooth, level surface.

    (I have read that it can even be used in cosmetics...)


    I googled reviews for these and did not come up with much...seems to simply be a matter of preference based on the individual's experience with each. It's costly to experiment, though.

    I have always wondered why they don't tell you what teh added botanical oils are, in some of the waxes...

    Sorry to not be of much help.


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      That's pretty much all the info I could find. 4candles website said the same sort of thing and Cajuncandles (US site I think) seemed to suggest that Excel was the best, but the people on one Etsy thread seemed to hate it. Excel does appear to be the newest type and perhaps you are right about it not being as familiar to candlemakers.