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Please HELP Waterslide Decals keep lifting when dry

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  • Please HELP Waterslide Decals keep lifting when dry

    Hi , I'm looking for advice if anyone can Help it will be greatly appreciated.
    Whenever I put a waterslide decal onto a candle it looks GREAT ...... Until the next day when it starts to lift and fall off ...what am I doing wrong?????

    I print the page ,give it 3 coats of clear then soak it in water for 15 to 60 seconds , apply it and gently get the water out .... looks like its gone on a treat but when I check next day its peeling off.

    PLEASE HELP !!!!

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    When you put in on the candle do you really press it down. I tend to use a clean tea towel and press it down quite hard. I did have one the other day that started lifting in the corner so I just put a bit of water on it and pressed it down again and it seemed to do the trick. Perhaps just keep checking them after they have been done to see if they are starting to lift. Seems like you are doing everything that I do so not really sure why this is happening.

    The Soap Fairy xx


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      Thanks Donna

      The other day I done one that went right around the candle on stuck back onto the decal and its still on there.
      I will have another go pressing down harder and see how I go