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    I've recently started to 'get into' candle making, as I use a lot of candles for lighting period tents at events.

    I'd like to be able to use votive style candles in ironwork made to hold tea-lites. I don't need them to really 'look good', as I want them for lighting more than their looks

    The main issue is that the votives would drip wax over the sides.

    This leads me to three possible solutions:

    1) Get a clear plastic casing, similar to the re-usable tea-lite molds. However, I cannot seem to find anything like this online. Does anyone know where I might buy these (if they exist)? I'd rather not use the glass ones as they would be heavier/fragile/more expensive.

    2) Create some kind of hurricane shell for them, either by lining the votive mold with hurricane type wax, or by dipping a finished votive. Would this work? How easy would it be to line a votive mold for this? What wax is needed, and where can I buy it?

    3) Use some other type of candle entirely. Now, my knowledge is very limited at the moment, so I don't know what else would be suitable. Basically, I need a candle that would burn for 6-8 hours (votives are double so would cover two days), fit in a tea-lite sized hole, and wouldn't drip wax everywhere. Can anyone suggest something suitable, or any alternative?

    Any answers would be much appreciated.

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    I don't know if this is the type of thing you are looking for,

    1. Polycarbonate votive moulds but you can burn the votive in the mold too -

    2. You could try dipping the votive in high melt point wax because this is what they use to make dripless tapers, but I have never done this so I don't know how effective it would be as the melt pool of the votive is greater than that of a taper.

    3. I suppose any candle with the same diameter of the tea light could fit in the holder but don't think you would be guaranteed for them not to drip, particularly if you are outside with the wind blowing and making the candles burn unevenly.

    Hope this is of some use to you though.



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