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  • Why why why??????

    I've just got my new moulds a silcone tray of roses but now the wax has hardened and I have released them from the mould they have all bubbled again. from top to toe completely covered in tiny bubbles, what on earth have I done wrong AGAIN!!!!!! I can't seem to get anything right, please help me, I'm using parafin wax at the moment....
    Anybody please input would be great.
    Thank you in advance
    Teresa x

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    Are you stirring it too vigorously while it's in the melting pot? Pour it slowly and then tap the mold gently to bring bubbles to the top?

    My bubble problem is that in my jar candles, bubbles form in the melted was and there are lots, too...


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      Hi Susan,
      Actually yes I stirred the wax quite fast when I added the fragrance so maybe that could be my cause then, I'm just remelting it now and have warmed the moulds up also so will see if that makes a difference,
      Thank you
      Will let you know how I get on x


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        If your wax was too cool when poured that could be part of the problem aswell
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          Hi Debbie,
          I re-melted the wax and didn't stir it and pour slowly at 180f I think it was and tapped the moulds once they dried there were bubbles again grrr!!!! maybe not as many as last time but still there, x