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Which wax to use for wax melts

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  • Which wax to use for wax melts

    Hello everybody,
    After my candle disasters I've decided to take a different route and have been trying my hand at wax melts, I've been using paraffin wax and the scent throw is pretty good and I must admit they are easier to make however I keep getting dips when the melts dry how can I stop this please and also is it best that I stick with paraffin as I know it works or is soy wax suppose to be better???
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated as I've now ran out of wax and don't want to go buying again until I know which wax is better.
    Thank you
    Teresa x

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    You may always have a bit of a dip, as wax shrinks as it cools, but you can always re pour or top up a mold after the first initial pour. Try not to have your wax too hot when you pour, i always leave mine 5 minutes to cool slightly.
    Its personal preference whether to use soy or paraffin, I like both. For molded tarts I like to use paraffin , just simple tarts I use soy. Soy will be more expensive though for you to buy.
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      Hi Debbie,
      Thanks for replying I will give it a whirl, I've just been on your facebook page and your candles etc are fab!!!!, I see you've got some aluminium trays could I be cheeky and ask where you got them from as I put one of my melts into a cake case like the ones you get in packs the small aluminium ones and it fitted in there a treat.