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    Hi everyone,

    I had a sort out today of my workshop and dug deep into corners that have not seen light for a while!! Anyway, I found some wicks I bought a while ago (about 18 months I think) which I don't think I will ever use. I don't want to throw them away and I'm sure someone here will put them to practical and good use. Like (probably) most of us, I hate to throw anything away but want to see these put to use.

    They have been kept clean and dry in 'gripseal' bags and look fine. They are all pre-coated with natural wax and I originally got them from 4Candles. All in 120mm lengths. I have;

    Eco1 (50 lengths)
    Eco2 (50 lengths)
    Eco4 (25 lengths)
    Eco5 (25 lengths)
    Eco6 (10 lengths)
    Eco8 (50 lengths)
    Eco10 (50 lengths)

    I was thinking of a swap and, if anyone uses these, maybe you have something I use regularly? I'm always on the look put for unusual moulds (silicone or polycarbonate ideally) so maybe you have a mould(s) sitting doing nothing? Maybe something else?

    If the postage works out fair, I can send you these and you can send yours and its a straight swap.

    If possible I would like to swap all of them rather than split anything up.

    Best thing I would say is to PM me if you have something and I'll update here if anything changes.

    Hopefully this is OK to post and maybe some of you have things you don't use but others may??