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Making my first candle !

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  • Making my first candle !

    Hi ! all candle makers !
    I was thinking of making a candle for my sister for her birthday , but was wondering if it is hard and expensive as thought it would be a nice present and more personal

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    No idea in the slightest how to make a candle but am sure someone who does will be along shortly though ! I like the idea of personal gifts though I think most of my family and DH's family have had handmade things for years, and to be honest they like it way better.

    Good Luck !

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      Thanx , and yes I agree on the more personal present


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        Hiya, well...let's give this some thought. It isn't exactly easy to just make A candle. But there might be a kit at a craft store near you that would suffice. Let's see if I can make this difficult...actually making a candle requires some trial and effort and reading up...BUT there are ways to make a very nice personalized gift. maybe you could get some beeswax sheets and roll a candle for her. But beeswax is a bit pricey. Look here at one of my fave sites "over here." Maybe you could find the things at a craft store there, only cheaper because you'd only buy enough for one or two candles...and I bet there's a place online that would tell you how to do this -

        Or, you could buy a pretty candle and make a really nice personal decal decoration to put on it...hmmm...well, probably as soon as Lisa and David and others wake up they'll have better suggestions...


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          Thanx Susan , once again you have answered my question !
          Will have a look at the website Trial and error sounds like it may need patience which I have little of ! lol but will try unless I go for the buying a candle and making it more personlaised !
          Thanx again !


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            Hi sparkle1981,

            If you want to make a/some candle(s) then it mainly depends on what type you want to make and whether this will be a probable one-off exercise! If you buy a kit then it should have most of the equipment and materials, as well as full instructions, that you will need. More than likely the kit will not have the pans, Bain-Marie or double boiler etc that you will need to melt the wax though. So you may need to find some things about the house to assist!!

            The kits you can buy will vary to the different styles of candles your can make i.e. tealight kits, votive kits, container candle kits. For an idea of kits you can look here;


            ... or eBay, or whicksnwhacks.

            Alternatively, you can get beeswax rolled sheet kits and literally roll wax candles as Susan (CG) has highlighted above. These kits need no hot or melted wax and are fairly straight-forward. I have one for sale in my Folksy shop (I think!!! - better check!!).

            A word of warning though, if you sell or give away candles then people will be (more than likely) burning them in their homes (as covered in a recent thread). There are many variables that can change the way a candle burns including the wick size, the type of wax, the level of scent and/or colouring, the type of container - to name some. With these factors in mind you should always test and re-test where necessary the candles you make and be 100% happy with them before you replicate the process and offer candles to others.

            The last thing I would want to do is put you off trying to make candles as it is a fantastically rewarding craft but I do feel it important to highlight the possible implications if you are going to make things for others.

            All new Chandlers have to start somewhere and many of us did so with a basic candlemaking kit (like the ones above). It's then that you get addicted and before you know it, it has taken over !! Buy yourself a kit, make some candles for yourself and see how you get on and how they turn out. Light them and note how they burn. I'm sur you'll love it.